Comments on the benefits of spinach by GILBERT

Comments on the benefits of spinach by GILBERT

Benefits of spinach

Popeye understood it all! If spinach has a bad reputation with children, raw or cooked, it is nevertheless known to be rich in iron and antioxidants, an ally for good health.

against diabetes

Spinach has a low glycemic index. Rich in alpha-lipoic acid, they lower blood glucose levels, improve insulin sensitivity and help reduce the burning and numbness known to diabetics. They also stimulate the regeneration of damaged nerve fibers.

In addition, several studies show that they help prevent cancer of the digestive tract, breast, prostate or lung.

Good for the heart and stomach

Spinach, rich in fiber and water, fills you up and is therefore an ally for keeping slim. In addition to helping us maintain a flat stomach, they support transit and are detoxifying. The betaine they contain fights against fatty liver.

In addition, the potassium in spinach fights against high blood pressure. As for vitamins K, it is excellent against calcification of arteries.

They have a doping effect

Ecdysterone, a molecule present in spinach, could have effects similar to those of steroids used in sports. In any case, a study published in the Archives of Toxicology reveals that in 2019.

Against fatigue

Spinach is rich in iron, but in order to be assimilated, it must be mixed with vitamin C. On the other hand, they are very effective in fighting physical and mental fatigue. The magnesium present is also essential for overall tone.

For the same servings, cooked spinach contains almost 6 times more lutein, zeaxanthin and betaine than raw spinach. Cooked spinach provides more vitamins and minerals than raw spinach.

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