Comments on Picking your nose is very bad for your mana health

Comments on Picking your nose is very bad for your mana health

Who never picks their nose, discreetly or otherwise…? Besides being unsightly, this widespread habit wouldn’t be good for your health at all, according to a 2016 study. But rest assured, there are healthier ways to handle the inside of your nose.

What are boogers good for?

On average, it takes 22,000 breath cycles per day. With the latter mucus, they form boogers, which are a kind of biological filters that trap dust and allergens so they don’t get into our airways. This could cause long-term asthma and other lung problems.

By removing this barrier, you risk worsening environmental toxic exposure. By sniffing or eating your boogers instead of expelling them, you increase your risk.

Risks of staph infection

“Cleaning the nose is associated with a nosebleed.” S. aureus. Its role in nasal bearing may be a determining factor in some cases. Overcoming the habit of picking your nose can be facilitated by decolonization strategies S. aureus’, deciphers a Dutch study from 2016. The S. aureus is a germ that can cause a variety of mild to severe infections.

In addition, by picking your nose, you risk transferring Staphylococcus aureus to your wounds, which carries risks that can be serious. “Growing antibiotic resistance requires health care providers to evaluate their patients’ nose-popping habits and educate them on effective ways to prevent this practice,” concludes another study, published in the scientific journal Cutis in 2020.

You also risk ulcers and abrasions inside the nostrils, which can allow bacteria to spread throughout the body.

So what to do?

It’s best to still use a tissue if you absolutely have to get out the embarrassing buggers. Throw the tissue in the bin and most of all don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards because if the booger isn’t completely dry the viruses are still present and will remain on your fingers.

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