Comments on Drinking certain teas increases the risk of lip cancer

Comments on Drinking certain teas increases the risk of lip cancer

Drinking certain teas increases the risk of cancer
Some tea bags contain high levels of pesticides, warning 60 million consumers. © Stock of Adobe

2 out of 3 French people drink tea. In addition, the consumption of this drink has tripled in 25 years. Yet one particular tea has just been flagged for its harmful effects on health. We will tell you more.

Pesticides in tea bags

An association of 60 million consumers just pinned certain brands of tea bags. They contained pesticide residues : glyphosate, thiacloprid or acetamiprid. According to the association, these are mainly mint teas. They do not recommend Cotterley Intermarché, Twinings, Britley d’E. Leclerc, Lipton and Lord Nelson from Lidl. As for black tea, it is recommended to avoid: Breakfast d’Auchan, Earl gray U and Twinings English breakfast.

Mate and the risk of cancer

Maté is an infusion made from the leaves of yerba mate, an Amazon plant similar to holly. Scientists at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York warn of an increased risk of cancer. “High doses and long-term consumption of mate are associated with increased risk prostate cancere, Bladder, Mouth, Esophagus, Lungs, Head and Neck”.

A misleading comparison of 100 cigarettes

According to New York scientists, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in mate are harmful to health. At least in the context of high daily consumption. Because the same hydrocarbons are found in cigarettes. This is why some fake news compared a partner’s consumption to smoking 100 cigarettes. However, you should drink 50 g of mate every day. While the infusion only requires 2 g…

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