Comments on Covid: do you wear a mask on public transport?  from dupuy

Comments on Covid: do you wear a mask on public transport? from dupuy

Covid: Do you wear a mask on public transport?
Against the new BQ.1.1 variant, wearing a mask is effective. © Stock of Adobe

New scientific advice emphasizes the importance of masks on public transport. Especially since the new BQ 1.1 variant is still gaining ground in France. In addition, the situation may change in the coming weeks.

A mask, a barrier for a new variant

and the new BQ.1.1 variant worries scientists because his “immune evasion is important.” Sure: you can get vaccinated or have already had Covid and get re-infected with this new variant. It already presents 15% of new cases and his progress is continuous. For Covary, a new scientific board, the the mask remains effective against this variant.

Will a mask be mandatory?

If not defending duty, Covars continues to strongly recommend the “v transportin closed and poorly ventilated places where are the people And add: “communication on wearing masks it must be reinforced, incentive, simple, clear and repeated”, we can read in this opinion.

What is the risk in hospitals if you forget a face mask?

All medical facilities continue put on a mask for patients, visitors and carers with a goal reduce infections and protect the most vulnerable. In addition, the Covars researchers highlight this “maintenance of the obligation to wear a face mask in healthcare facilities”. if you forget yours maskas a visitor, you may be restricted in your movement in some departments of the hospital.

The situation may change in the coming weeks

yearhealth recommendations could evolve depending on the epidemic in the coming weeks and months, the Covars warn. Scientists fear a winter again hard with a new wave and the return of winter viruses such as flu and bronchiolitis.

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