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Comments on Covid-19: “The Eighth Wave Begins” by suzanne "[email protected]"

The number of new cases increased by 67% in a week. © Stock of Adobe

The increase in Covid cases is daily. Damien Mascret, a doctor, declared on France Televisions that “the eighth wave of Covid is starting”. Health Minister François Braun justifies these remarks.

67% increase in cases

France’s public health records an increase in Covid-19 cases by 67% from mid-September. From now, more than 33,000 people they test positive daily. The number of new contaminations is increasing in all departments and in all departments. “The Eighth Wave Begins”assured Damien Mascret, doctor and journalist of France Télévisions.

The decline of French immunity

French Immunity to face the virus decreased because last vaccine or date reminders, often more than 6 months. Other explanations for this epidemic increase: back to school academic and professional that supports beer brewing population.

It’s too early to tell

Minister for Health, Francois Braun, does not trigger the eighth wave yet. On September 19, at France Inter, he estimated that he is “ttoo early to tell that it is already the beginning eighth wave”. By apologizing: “the number of cases per day is not very reliable because the more we search, the more we find”.

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