Comments on Covid-19: recovery from the epidemic everywhere in France by LAUGERY

Comments on Covid-19: recovery from the epidemic everywhere in France by LAUGERY

Covid-19: Renewal of the epidemic everywhere in France
The renewal of the epidemic affects the whole of France. A mask is highly recommended in several situations. © Stock of Adobe

Santé Publique France confirms the resumption of the epidemic everywhere in France. Which regions are most affected? What age group? Should I wear the mask again?

“The acceleration of the circulation of SARS-CoV-2 is confirmed.”

All pointers Public Health France (SPF) confirms the eighth wave. From September 12 to 18, “the circulation of SARS-CoV-2 accelerated throughout the metropolitan area,” writes the SPF. And to add: “incidence has increased sharply”: 293 per 100,000 inhabitants, i.e. +57%.

Which age group is most affected?

SPF listed last week 28,500 new cases per day on average. At the latest epidemiological point, Sunday 25 September, 31,365 new cases were identified. They are always the youngest 10-19 years old most affected.

Three regions in particular were affected

The regions most affected by this eighth wave are:

  • The Brittany,
  • and Centre-Loire Valley,
  • Normandy.

in Ile-de-France also “virological indicators were on the rise again”, specifies the SPF. The regional incidence was 201 cases per 100,000 population as of September 22.

Should we be worried about the new variant?

100% of new Covid cases are associated with Omicron in France. Subline BA.5 is by far the majority at 93%. Subline BA.4 represents 6%. Finally, the underclass BA.2.75 is detected at very low levels: 0.3%.

When should the mask be worn?

A mask is always highly recommended:

  • in transport in public,
  • in medical office and medical facilities,
  • At this moment people said they were threatened,
  • if a person contact case while waiting for a screening test (and isolation if positive) Source: National epidemiological point of public health of France of 22 September
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