Comments on Covid-19: new wave at the end of autumn, warns Europe by syrah

Comments on Covid-19: new wave at the end of autumn, warns Europe by syrah

Covid-19: a new wave at the end of autumn, Europe warns
The European Medicines Agency is closely monitoring the BQ.1.1 variant in several countries. © Stock of Adobe

The European Medicines Agency warns: Europe should suffer from a new wave of Covid-19 at the end of autumn. This is a new variant of BQ.1.1.

In the next few weeks

This is a warningEuropean Medicines Agency (EMA): a new wave will arrive in the coming weeks. This was announced by Marco Cavaleri, head of vaccination strategy at EMA, during a virtual press conference.

Most BQ.1.1 from mid-November to December

Marco Cavaleri justified his concern over BQ.1.1 subvariant progression in “at least five European countries“. He believes that BQ.1.1 could became the dominant strain from mid-November to December. However, this subvariant escape immunity acquired by vaccination or infection. It can cause a a wave of greatness in terms of new cases.

The virus mutates faster than vaccines

The The mutations of the Covid virus are faster “that we cannot adapt vaccines”, acknowledged Marco Cavaleri during this press conference. Not to mention that the flu virus is also expected this winter.

Double vaccination recommended

Public health France recommends double vaccination covid/flu “people over 60, pregnant women and people with co-morbidities or underlying diseases”.

Vaccination of immunocompromised children

Marco Cavaleri also emphasizes the importance vaccinate young immunocompromised childrenwith less concentrated versions of vaccines. In mid-October, the EMA approved the use of vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna for children aged six months to five years.

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