Comments on Covid-19: new doses adapted to Omicron arrive LORID

Comments on Covid-19: new doses adapted to Omicron arrive LORID

Covid-19: new doses adapted to Omicron are coming
On October 3, not all French people will be able to take advantage of the bivalent vaccine, as they are supplied. © Stock of Adobe

The new Omicron-tailored bivalent vaccines will arrive on October 3rd. But not all vaccines will be delivered. We explain why.

Dropper delivery

The vaccination campaign against Covid starts on October 3. However, not all French people affected by this recall will be able to make an appointment at the same time. Because the supply of new bivalent vaccines is progressive. Only 576,000 doses Moderna vaccines adapted to BA.1 are expected between September 29 and October 4says a report the ministry recently sent to health professionals.

New delivery on October 6

The Ministry of Health informs caregivers that a second delivery doses modern will be held on October 6. It urges them to order “a reasonable number of vials corresponding to the estimated injections for the week of October 3.”

October 18, Flu/Covid campaign

The High Health Authority (HAS) also recommends linking Anti-Covid flu vaccine recall. This latest campaign starts on October 18th. If you did not have a vaccination window at the beginning of October when you are part of the target population, you do more chances get a appointment of 18.

Can I choose the vaccine?

New reminder against Covid, “It’s Not For Everyone”, Health Minister François Braun insisted. The Ministry of Health recommended to health professionals “kuse appropriate vaccines preference for the most vulnerable people“, informs the website Everyday life of a doctor.
If you want a booster dose and you are not part of the target population, you will definitely get a “classic” dose.

Bivalent vaccine from Moderna or Pfizer?

As in previous vaccination campaigns, you will not be able to don’t choose your vaccine. The only criterion is age. Indeed, the bivalent appeal of modern is intended for persons at risk more than 30 years. Younger targets, such as pregnant women and at-risk children aged 12 and over, will receive the Pfizer bivalent vaccine preferentially.

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