Comments on Covid-19: more than a million tests in a week from Lussac

Comments on Covid-19: more than a million tests in a week from Lussac

Covid-19: more than a million tests in one week
The number of Covid screening tests exceeded 1 million in a single week. © Stock of Adobe

More than a million PCR and antigen tests were performed in one week. A clear sign of the resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic. Who is most affected by this eighth wave?

A surge in screening tests

The reflection of the epidemic is confirmed with 1,132,300 PCR and antigen tests confirmed between 12 and 18 September. “Sharp increase”. 33% compared to the previous week, it indicates the direction of research, studies, evaluation and statistics (Drees).

Which French people are most affected?

The epidemic of the eighth wave is especially affecting those under 16 years of age. The number of tests almost doubled (+97%) in this age category last week. “Objectively, there is an increase in cases, especially among young people,” said Jérôme Salomon, Director General of Health (DGS). A quote from a magazine Deeper investigation to France 2 on 22 September.

Vaccination and barrier gestures

Jérôme Salomon is not no worries. “The French understood perfectly what the reactions were to this resurgence of Covid cases (…) restore barrier gestures which we know perfectly well and for all people who have an indication for vaccination, remind them“.

A bivalent vaccine is expected

Anti-Covid reminder may soon be done with a new one bivalent vaccines. These vaccines target the strain of Omicron. The new injection, which will be combined with vaccination against the flu, reminded the general director of health.

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