Comments on Covid-19: explosion of precocious puberty cases by Hervé

Comments on Covid-19: explosion of precocious puberty cases by Hervé

Covid-19: explosion of precocious puberty cases
The prison term had an impact on the number of cases of precocious puberty. © Stock of Adobe

During the Covid pandemic, the number of cases of precocious puberty in girls has increased. A pandemic would be responsible, say several scientists in Germany and the United States.

A number that doubled

Assessment The new scientist reports several studies conducted by researchers at the University of Bonn in Germany. In girls, the number of precocious puberty has increased out of 10 annually between 2015 and 2019 to 23 in 2020 at 30 in 2021.

American doctors are concerned

According to the magazine The new scientistthey UNITED STATES also face an increase in precocious puberty. Karen Klein of the Children’s Hospital Board of San Diego confirms this. “In the year before Covid, we had 28 children who started treatment and during the year we had Covid 64 children“.

Precocious puberty associated with introversion

Doctors and researchers have been looking for a link between the virus and early puberty. Period prisonespecially stressful for children, they are finger pointing doctors. According to Dr. Paul Kaplowitz of Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC, “the increase screen time and changes in sleep cycles distance learning could also be at stake”.

At what age do we talk about precocious puberty?

Puberty is said to be early when certain signs appear before puberty 8 years on girls. These characters are:

  • development chest,
  • the appearance of pubic hair or rules.

On boysprecocious puberty occurs before one year of age 9 years. It mainly concerns the increase testicle size.

source:The new scientistSeptember 17, 2022

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