Cinema.  Nogent-le-Rotrou: La Boum actress Lucienne Legrand has died at the age of 102

Cinema. Nogent-le-Rotrou: La Boum actress Lucienne Legrand has died at the age of 102

Lucienne Legrand with her great love Fernando Gravey. © DR

in On July 2020, we dedicated a portrait of Lucienne Legrand. She had just celebrated her 100th birthday and was in good shape. Unfortunately, as she grew older – “she could no longer see or hear” – she died in a bad way on October 19.

In a nursing home, good job

Her son Olivier Steigel, installed as a photographer in Perche ornais, liked to talk about his mother. He admired him while conceding strong character. That hasn’t changed. Even ! “At the nursing home, when I called to ask for updates, they said he was complaining so he was fine,” she smiles.

A business whose Olivier praises every staff.

Jimmy Bonilla, the previous manager, was amazing and his staff exceptional. She was wonderfully surrounded. They don’t do light work.

Lucienne Legrand, despite her increasing age, has always been a flirt.
Lucienne Legrand, despite her increasing age, has always been a flirt. © DR

Since his arrival in rod, four years ago, Olivier went there every week as chief resident. “In the last few months, she has gone into the dark in the afternoons, and most of all, she didn’t want us to open the shutters. »

70 years of career

A strong personality that allowed him to have a long and brilliant career. Both in movies and in advertising. Seventy years of career. “She made her last advertisement at the age of 91. It was for the Salon de l’Accessoire Porte de Versailles,” recalls his son. We see her sparkling hand skateboardingon a pink background.

In its latest ad
In his latest ad ©DR

This flirtatious image was quite salivating to Lucienne. “I remember when we went to her house after leaving the hospital just before she was put into a nursing home. She went to her dressing table (furniture), took three lipsticks, two brushes and told me ‘we can go there’. »

Until recently, it was Lucienne herself who chose “a particular blouse because it goes better with this necklace.”

Videos: currently on Actu

The only son, Olivier, prepares this ceremony to take place Friday, October 28, 2022 at 3 pm at the Le Mans Crematorium. “My wife, Françoise, has prepared the text for him to read,” he breathes.

Lucienne’s crazy years next door Fernand Graveyhis second marriage, are also mentioned “but the love of his life”, confides Olivier.

“Grandmother of the Year”

There he discovers life in New York on Broadway. “It’s also the only time I’ve been able to follow them on their adventures since I was at boarding school the rest of the time. “A touch of regret because as she mentions, “she chose her life as a wife rather than a mother. She was so in love.” It’s so…

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“She had a strong ego, but like many comedians. She proved her strength especially after this terrible car accident. “Besides the shaved head and short hair, her career is back.” “It was innovative, the ads were tearing it up. She was also voted Grandma of the Year in Switzerland for her advertisement with Mamie Nova. »

Lucienne Legrand in Marilyn Monroe fashion
Lucienne Legrand in Marilyn Monroe mode for SNCF. © DR

Olivier keeps only good moments, like when the young teenager was “in the company of Alain Delon, Jean Gabin or Jean-Paul Belmond…”

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