Châteaubriant: who is the new director of the Saint-Joseph secondary vocational school?

Châteaubriant: who is the new director of the Saint-Joseph secondary vocational school?

Marina Nozay (left) is the new headmistress of Saint-Joseph rural secondary vocational school in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique).
She is accompanied by Pierrette Crépel, president of the association. ©Alexandre BROSSAIS / Scout from Châteaubriant

During his career Marina Nozathere he takes the lead. It starts as English teacher in vocational and agricultural education at secondary school Saint Clair in Derval (Loire Atlantique). “I stayed there for 20 years. I was also a referee Erasmus project“, he confides.

Training one week a month

In 2019 Benoît Arondel, directorrural secondary vocational school Saint-Joseph in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) , offers him the position of assistant director. “For three years, I worked as a part-time teacher, part-time vice-principal and international openness officer at the school. »

After the departure of the former director to Sable-sur-Sarthe(Sarth), Marina Nozay takes control. “I will go to training one week a month. » Mandatory passage to assimilate new skills and complete new tasks.

Last year I focused on the educational part. Now I also manage the financial part. We also changed the collective agreement. I am accompanied to undertake my missions. It is very interesting.

Marina Nozayova

Between two tasks, Marina Nozay takes the opportunity to announce the start of an apprenticeship. “It is CAP Early Childhood Education Support (AEPE) . It fills a need. Already because there is a lack of experts in the field. And then there is the desire of young people to become employees. »

Implementation of PPRE

Kindergartens land of Châteaubriantin fact, they applied to Saint-Joseph Rural Vocational High School. Schools can count on the help of already experienced young people.

“All the people in training are adults. They complete CAP in one year because they have already completed CAP or a Professional Bachelor. It’s interesting about structures. »

A personalized program of success in education (PPRE) was also created at the rural secondary vocational school for students of the 4th and 3rd vocational schools.

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Audrey Derval was hired to identify students in need and create this system. “It helps students in trouble. For some, it is enough to listen and accompany others because they sometimes have difficulties in a subject. »

Ideal support to start again on a good basis.

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