Châteaubourg: a new psychomotor therapist opens her practice in the city

Châteaubourg: a new psychomotor therapist opens her practice in the city

Pauline in her bright and functional office in Châteaubourg. © The Journal of Vitré

Pauline Jegard he is 33 years old from Rennes. Recently, she has been active in ITEP Les Rochers de Châteaubourg and also as a liberal. His office is located at 2 rue Lavoisierin the same building as the physical therapists.

He wants to open his practice

Pauline Jgardová received a state diploma after three years of training at Lille. She recently moved to Châteaubourg, where she also works with ITEP: “I work at 80% and I want to train in parallel. It’s a way to supplement my work hours and open my practice to other populations,” explains Pauline.

Psychomotor, what is it?

Psychomotorics is indicated at child present: restlessness, impulsivity, attention difficulties (ADHD, high potential, etc.), physical clumsiness (gross or fine motor skills), dyspraxia. Lack of self-confidence, great shyness, anxiety.

The practitioner only accepts on prescription and therefore it is necessary to visit a doctor beforehand. “I do an assessment with the parents first and consider therapy if needed”.

Pauline Jgard mainly uses different materials playful in his office at 2 rue Lavoisier (in the same building as the physiotherapists). It also calls for relaxation when needed.

Open on Wednesdays by appointment. Contact by e-mail at jegard.pauline. [email protected] or on 06 14 82 98 35.

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