Charente-Maritime: the prefecture prepares measures for a demonstration against the basin

Charente-Maritime: the prefecture prepares measures for a demonstration against the basin

The circulation of agricultural machines, except for their agricultural missions, will be prohibited this weekend in the municipalities affected by the prefectural decree. (© Photo illustration

While a a big event must be held in Sainte-Soline (Deux-Sèvres) this Saturday, October 29, 2022, to demand the cessation of all watershed construction projects in the department, the Prefecture of Charente-Maritime has decided to take measures to prevent any disturbance of public order during this assembly.

The affected municipalities these measures are: Saint-Pierre-d’Amilly, Saint-Saturnin-du-Bois, Benon, Cram Chaban, La Laigne, La Grève-sur-Mignon, Ferrières d’Aunis, Saint-Sauveur d’Aunis, Saint-Georges -du-Bois and Courçon.

The prefecture prohibits transportation of ammunition and weapons of all categories throughout the weekend. It will also be prohibited to hold bottles or cans containing flammable products or explosives.

Allwith pyrotechnic devices and fireworks are also prohibited by the prefecture.

The movement of agricultural machinery outside of their original mission, the prefecture will also be banned.

Riots are expected in Deux-Sèvres

If the Prefecture of Charente-Maritime takes such decisions for the event taking place in Deux-Sèvres, it is because trouble is expected during this meeting, organized for several weeks.

The prefecture of Deux-Sèvres banned the assembly, but many opponents should be present this Saturday in Sainte-Soline to reaffirm their opposition to the basins.

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