Cergy-Pontoise.  Teenagers attacked pensioners in their homes

Cergy-Pontoise. Teenagers attacked pensioners in their homes

Three high school students are suspected of attacking a retired couple in Port-Cergy. (©Google Street View)

Pensioners were violently attacked in their homes by young criminals who kidnapped them to rob them. In the span of just over two weeks, the young criminals attacked a single man Pontoise and a few on Cergy (Val d’Oise).

Three fifteen-year-old teenagers were suspected of being the perpetrators of these attacks on Friday, October 21, 2022. wooden floor of Pontoise (Val-d’Oise) for theft by force and at a meeting.

Tied up in his room

It was the early morning of September 22 when a 68-year-old male resident Notre Dame square at Pontoise, his attackers were surprised. Around 7:15, three young people knocked on his door asking for help. As soon as he opened the door for them, the individuals forcefully pushed him to enter. The victim is then taken to his room where he is tied up.

The criminals search his entire house and get the bank cards of the six-figure man, who finally gives them the secret codes under threat. During this, one of the individuals goes to withdraw money from the nearest ATM before returning to find his two accomplices staying with the victim.

After escaping, the six-month-old alerted the police at around 7.40am after he managed to free himself from the handcuffs. Investigators from the Val-d’Oise Judicial Police (Spj95), who seized the case, were able to identify the three young suspects thanks to surveillance camera images. Parisian.

A man in his seventies and his wife hospitalized

It was shortly before 9pm on October 10 when five individuals broke into the retired couple’s pavilion, rue de l’Amiral in Port-Cergy. Armed with a knife and a pistol, the criminals threaten the victims before attacking the 73-year-old man. He received several blows in front of his 60-year-old wife and a 20-year-old youth who was also in the house.

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The criminals ransacked the entire house while the three victims were under surveillance in one of the rooms. After about ten minutes, the five individuals fled on foot with some jewellery, a camera and a bank card for which they had been given a secret code. Criminals are identified by withdrawing money from the bank.


Three teenagers, high school students, were arrested on Thursday, October 20, 2022. During a house search, investigators found items stolen from the victims, as well as clothes worn by the attackers. If during interrogation in police custody, two of the suspects denied participation in the attacks, while the third admitted the facts.

Two of them were placed in pre-trial detention, the third was released after the imposition of judicial supervision.

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