Caudebec-lès-Elbeuf: Safran workers on strike, “If it continues like this, we will all become insecure”

Caudebec-lès-Elbeuf: Safran workers on strike, “If it continues like this, we will all become insecure”

Workers at the Safran aircraft factory in Caudebec-lès-Elbeuf are still on strike this Wednesday, October 26. (©Le Journal d’Elbeuf)

10:15, Safran employees are in front of the company premises. Noise and music can be heard in the distance, there would be “about 150” to come together to fight for a pay rise, according to CFDT’s Thierry Deschamps.

Management’s response was considered insufficient

Discussions taking place at the airline’s offices this Wednesday could be decisive for employees who have yet to get what they hoped for from management. Thierry Deschamps explains: “We asked for a pay rise, instead they offered us a bonus of €750 instead of €500. ” Frédérique Leroy, union member of the CFE-CGC, comments exasperatedly: “€750 will buy Christmas presents in a pinch, but it is not a sufficient and permanent solution. And he adds: “I see that when I go shopping, the price of the shopping cart has almost doubled. If this continues, we will all become insecure. »

Employees looking for additional support

150 people is already a lot for a workplace with 430 employees. Nevertheless, the strikers are striving for an even higher voter turnout. “At the moment only the 1st floor participates because they are the lowest paid, but we would like the support of the public from the 2nd or 3rd level,” admits William Tebbal, representative of the FO (Force Ouvrière) union.
Devotees would like the “unemployed and retired” to join their cause. “People are already encouraging us a little, a neighbor came to get a leaflet earlier,” says Thierry Deschamps.

Less well paid than elsewhere?

This results in one of the motivations of employees in the aviation sector. According to them, they would not earn as much money as their colleagues in the other factories of the group to which they belong. “Some time ago, we were visited by other union members from Safran, and when they revealed their salaries to us, we were devastated,” recalls Fabrice Joly of the FO.
This day of sharing over coffee and music will be tough for Safran employees who are waiting for proposals in line with their requirements.

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