Cantal.  Energy crisis: elected communists could refuse to pay the bill

Cantal. Energy crisis: elected communists could refuse to pay the bill

Sébastien Prat, ministerial secretary of PCF Cantal and Jean-François Barrier, mayor of Velzic, say no to the increase in energy prices for local authorities in Cantal. (©MB)

In the gallery, a tariff shield for the poorest communities, the re-introduction of regulated tariffs, and ask the members of parliament from Cantal to raise their voice at the highest summit of the state.

Local authorities specified by the price of energy

Times are also tough for local authorities, who will have to adjust their spending to maintain public services in their communities while their bill increases explode from all sides. The projected increase in their energy consumption by 30 to 40% from the month of January will not come to pass. For Jean-Francois Barrier, mayor of Velzic, the situation is unbearable! “We are constantly listening to the needs of our constituents and our concerns about climate change are not new. Our commitments to insulation, low-energy renovations, replacing our street lighting with LED bulbs have been met, but between local finances being undermined and energy costs rising, this is not sustainable. respond and hear our call.”

Nationwide petition signed by elected communists from Cantal

A few days ago, the national secretary of the Communist Party, Fabien Roussel, called on mayors and local authorities not to pay energy bills. And if the elected Communists of Cantal did not plan to go that far, they say they are not closing the door to this hypothesis unless the government listens to them. They are currently the signatories of the nationwide petition “Mr. President of the Republic, we will not be able to pay” and are calling on their colleagues from all parties to do so.

Claims in five points

For the elected communists of Cantal, the responsibility for this increase really lies with the government, which forces local authorities to call for tenders to buy electricity and gas from the markets. “To get out of this stock market speculation, we call on the government and ask that gas and electricity be withdrawn from the market and that prices be set according to EDF’s real production costs; Allow local authorities to use a regulated tariff so that they are no longer subject to the market; Block the regulated electricity and gas tariff; Recognize electricity and gas as basic needs and ban cuts; Introduce a tariff shield for the poorest communities, which are also victims of some energy insecurity.

Francois Boissetthe mayor of Riom es Montagnes to insist that: “We cannot and do not want to pay the consequences of opening up the market for goods such as electricity and gas”.

Elected communists from Cantal are also calling on departmental MPs to present their proposals to the National Assembly and the Senate, as well as an “Anti-Inflation Shield” bill for local authorities.

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