Cabaret transformiste d’Elbeuf: New show for the 15th anniversary of Les Enfants Terribles

Cabaret transformiste d’Elbeuf: New show for the 15th anniversary of Les Enfants Terribles

For its 15th anniversary, Les Enfants Terribles cabaret offers a new show. (©DR)

Backstage at the Enfants Terribles cabaret, a certain buzz is spreading. Behind the scenes, this team of sparkling transformist artists, highly galvanized by their impatience to find their audience, are busy with final preparations. Final technical equipment, final settings on the set, final verification of the light guide with centimeter accuracy. The quality of this new show is not left to chance.

And for good reason, this cabaret, which has honored its presence on the territory of Elbeuvien for 15 years, is a lot. On this occasion, this environment was modified with the installation of new lighting fixtures of a more modern design, repainted walls, a new wider stage curtain and a new arrangement of furniture to give it airiness and warmth. Artists will now be able to perform on stage with a wider stage opening that will be able to capture all the lighting effects of the brand new state-of-the-art computer controlled LED lighting system. “Every year we do a new show, but here we are celebrating our 15th year, so we wanted a bit of a refresh,” says Dominique, the director.

Reworked classics and new characters

Whoever says new show says new characters. Although they remain at their foundations with figures anchored in the collective unconscious, such as Joséphine Baker, but all restored in rhinestones and feathers, this new review will be enriched with a new gallery of contemporary figures such as Clara Luciani.

“It will be Clara Luciani in a seventies costume, very period with a bit of a bohemian chic look. »

Hoshi will be there too, but remade with new music and new costumes. Les Enfants Terribles artists, famous for their strict stage costumes, pride themselves on being almost blameless in their performances, which is given to them by a natural respect for the audience. “All four of us have respect for the client, so we have to make an impression, there is a love for this work, a certain feeling, it’s the whole package”, says Jedna.

A sure bet for 15 years

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In the competitive world of cabaret, there are few who manage to maintain such a loyal clientele for 15 years, but for Dominique, the director, it is impossible to witness such longevity without a backstage buffer, which is a requirement at all times. .

This cabaret, which intends to continue to assert its place as the best cabaret in all of Normandy, nevertheless wishes to take particular care to maintain the enchantment of its public and likes to challenge itself never to rest on its laurels. Even the Enfants Terribles have no way of shaking things up, but the idea of ​​refreshing themselves while maintaining their own identity remains a principle for them. “We are lucky to work with Dominique, who is very open, but the identity we have in our cabaret is the interaction between the stage and the audience, and there are real artistic proposals. We’ll have the public’s verdict soon, and we hope they’ll be pleased. »

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