But what were all those firemen doing in Old Dinan?

But what were all those firemen doing in Old Dinan?

Firefighters from Dinan responded early in the evening this Monday, October 3, 2022, to rue de la Poissonnerie for a suspected fire. Luckily it wasn’t, luckily. ©Little Blue Côtes-d’Armor

At least four emergency vehicles parked between rue de la Lainerie and the verandas. The Dinan firefighters ranged in numbersthis Monday, October 3, 2022 in the early evening, fish market street.

Alerted to a suspected fire, however, they found nothing dangerous in the building located above the Mystère et Bonbonnière store.

Sensitive historical center

The number of vehicles present may be surprising, but not us never too careful in this very sensitive historical centerwhere any outbreak of fire can have dramatic consequences.

Witness the last major fire to date, which occurred in June 2019 and devastated Mother Pourcel’s house, a few tens of meters away. The house, which is still being deconstructed, should not regain its luster until 2025.

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