Budget, social security: Calvados representative Freddy Sertin supports the use of 49.3

Budget, social security: Calvados representative Freddy Sertin supports the use of 49.3

Freddy Sertin, Member of Parliament (Renaissance) for the constituency of Vire-Evrecy. ©Isabelle Innocenti

We remind you that on October 12, representative of 6E Constituency of Calvados, Freddy Sertin voted against Government an amendment that provided for an increase in the tax on “super dividends”. (Amendment from rejection).

60 hours of debate

This week, Freddy Sertin fully supports dual use 49.3.

Regarding budget, explains: “From the beginning, all the opposition indicated that they would vote against the budget, even before we started examining it. I wished with many of my colleagues to introduce a new method of government, consultation and compromise with our opposition. After almost 60 hours for discussion in the chamber (compared to 37 hours in 2021), our work was stopped by numerous calls to settle the opposition, almost 2000 changes were still up for debate. Our opposition has decided to block parliamentary work and pressure the government to use Article 49.3″.

“Media Buzz”

The same applies to the Social Security Budget (PLFSS). Freddy Sertin believes that the government’s position was necessary when “health is the focus of our fellow citizens between the health crisis, the lack of experts in the territories and the need for investment, yesterday we could once again participate in the spectacle of the disturbing opposition in the hemicycle. Even though they were constructive in committee, they chose to reject or twist this text during the session to apparently play the media card. By creating fictitious prescriptions, the text would be disingenuous and therefore unconstitutional”.

He adds:

“By adopting an amendment that deprived the city medicine of more than a billion euros, which was essential, in favor of other expenses, it inevitably led to the rejection of the other party deprived of cohesion.”

“Open Discussion”

According to the MP decision to hire government responsibility it doesn’t end there parliamentary debate. “On the contrary, it will open the discussion 4E part of the text that relates to prevention, access to care, support for the autonomy of the elderly, help with childcare or the fight against fraud. The PLFSS 2023 is a text that specifically responds to the daily challenges of the French: strengthening prevention and improving access to health care, increasing the number of staff in nursing homes and at home, better financing child care solutions, especially for single-parent families or the fight against social fraud and abuse”.

It announces some progress “thanks to parliamentary debate”, such as an extension to 2026 employer exemptions for employment of casual agricultural workers or incentives through exemption from pension contributions retired doctors to continue their activities while accumulating employment and retirement. The changes were supported firstly by all the Chambers of Deputies and secondly by Les Républicains, Renaissance, Liot (Liberties, Independents, Overseas and Territories group).

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