Brittany: not yet chosen, the name of the future indoor velodrome is already controversial

Brittany: not yet chosen, the name of the future indoor velodrome is already controversial

Construction site of the only indoor velodrome in Brittany, in Loudéac. © Independent Courier

Which name will bear and only indoor velodrome from all Brittany currently under construction at Crazy (Cotes-d’Armor)?

Whether Crazy Yippee ” country by bike“, owes a lot to that Henri Caresmel. This great enthusiast stands at the birth of creation Bike Club of LoudéacVCL 38, which he chaired from the post-war years.

Already in the 1970s, he led a campaign for the headquarters of the Regional cycling committee come and settle in Loudéac. It took some time, but his wish finally came true grantedin October 2015.

Henri Caresmel’s great work is the paved road ” Velodrome Christmas”, today shaven, from the rue de Brizeux. Took his name when he tragic deathon the same track nineteen eighty one. Henri Caresmel bled to death after being hit by a cyclist at the start of the race. He was 69 years old.

Henri Caresmel's name must be associated with the future Centre-Bretagne velodrome.
For those who knew him, the name Henri Caresmel must be associated with the future velodrome in central Brittany. © Independent Courier

Henri Caresmel has doomed practical a lifetime on a bike. Her daughter died young, in 1964, when she was about to get married. He felt an immense sadness. Her son went to live in Lorient, where Madame Caresmel joined her after her husband’s death. They also died.

All the more reason, for the Elders who knew him well perpetuate the memory Henri Caresmel in Loudéac by giving his name to the future regional indoor velodromefinal.

“We must respect the given word”

This is especially what Michael Menardwho chaired VCL 38 in the early 2000s.

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A function he had to assume in spite of himself; it only took three years. But when deed of sale velodrome, for symbolic eurobenefit cider (then community of municipalities) was registered June 2009” I was there ! thunders. And this law clearly says:

“In the event of the construction of new equipment” (the velodrome), the community undertakes to “maintain the name Vélodrome Henri Caresmel”.

However, there is a rumor: there is talk that the work, the construction of which is progressing rapidly, should be called something like “Vélodrome du Centre-Bretagne”. On the company’s website Regional cycling committee we find a mention “Indoor Velodrome Loudéac Brittany Center”. Leave Henri Caresmel, despite the “given word”?

This is what Michel Ménard believes he knows. Which one is very optimistic and feel free to let us know:

“It was René Beurel (died April 2020, editor’s note) who prepared this convention with Pierre Gicquel. They would be crazy if they saw this! »

Michel Ménard, former VCL 38

Xavier Hamon got angry

from his side Xavier Hamonpresident Loudéac Community Brittany Centerwhich carries the velodrome project, says that its “ name final on not yet selected“. But what if, for example, the name Henri Caresmel got “k Path ? That means, on heart from the velodrome? triggers – i.e. in the form of a hypothesis – a Xavier Hamon very much too angry.

“The president of VCL 38 today is not Michel Ménard, it is Daniel Brunel and we are currently discussing with him.”

Xavier Hamon, President of LCBC

And to criticize “counter-notes” than to ensure that in any case there will also be “a gallery of portraits of sports in the entrance hall of the velodrome, including the Henri Caresmel velodrome”. A room in the building could also be dedicated to him.
Will this be enough to end the nascent controversy? in L’the rugged land of Brittany what is Loudéac, nothing is less certain…

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