Bourg-Saint-Bernard: a village mourns the sudden disappearance of its former municipal employee

Bourg-Saint-Bernard: a village mourns the sudden disappearance of its former municipal employee

Daniel Croux, a resident of Bourg-Saint-Bernard, where he was a municipal employee for 30 years, died at the age of 61. (© Photo courtesy of Bourg-Saint-Bernard Town Hall)

It was a sudden departure that plunged the town of Bourg-Saint-Bernard into mourning. Daniel Croux died on Thursday 8 September 2022 at the age of 61 years old.

There is a famous person in this village, he lived here since his birth. He has it too he served for nearly 30 years as the city’s technical assistant.

“Excellent employee”

” It was excellent employee who knew all the inhabitants and all the nooks and crannies Bourg, a Diligent worker. Daniel did his work as a city agent carefully, professionally, and at the same time showed a very good participatory and constructive spirit towards city representatives, various work colleagues and all associations,” says one of the former colleagues and elected representatives. from the town hall.

This mission in the service of the municipality and its inhabitants was recently carried out by Daniel Croux. Death really came to cut down the six-year-old just a few months after retirement.

Daniel was a man of integrity, straightforward with a big heart. Discreet, accommodating, always available… It is often said that no one is irreplaceable. We think he will be irreplaceable, if only because of the kindness that characterized him so much. Because he was nice, Daniel, maybe too nice sometimes… He was a nice person! His great kindness and devotion led him to render many services to the population. We all owe him our deepest gratitude.

Bourg-Saint-Bernard employees and elected officials

He roamed the streets of the village on his yellow bicycle

This sudden disappearance therefore leaves a a great void in this village of just over 1000 souls.

“The days and weeks ahead will be very painful for many. We won’t see him roaming the streets of the village on his yellow bike again! Not even crossing the doors of the town hall, “we are sad inside the community.

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