Bigard show in Oise cancelled, but tickets for the duo with Dieudonné are still on sale

Bigard show in Oise cancelled, but tickets for the duo with Dieudonné are still on sale

Elispace has already rejected a proposal for Jean-Marie Bigard’s show “due to controversial remarks”, Actu Oise has learned. (©DR)

It’s been an obstacle course for fans for several weeks now Jean Marie Bigard. The question is no longer finding a free place, but a date that can still be booked.

A few days ago the performance of his show The word conspirator scheduled for Friday, January 27, 2023 at Margny-les-Compiegne (Oise) was canceled.

Tickets for the duet with Dieudonné still on sale

On the other hand, tickets are still on sale for the duo’s show with the very controversial Dieudonné. Same day and same place. While Jean-Marie Bigard himself said on TV that “you have to forget about the tour with Dieudonné…”.

While the cancellation of a solo show on January 27th seemed exceptional, several other tour dates were also dropped. On one of the leading ticket booking sites there are only three dates available so far : Caen, Alençon and Le Havre. Why was the performance of Margny-lès-Compiègne on 27 January 2023 cancelled?

“Doesn’t fill rooms”

Actu Oise was able to get a response from the artist’s producer, Chrystel Camus.

Jean-Marie was forced to cancel the tour because it is not filling the rooms. He played on the field in front of 300 people on Sunday night.

Chrystel CamusProduced by Jean-Marie Bigard

Two different shows at the same time?

Despite the closing of the box office for The word conspirator on 27 January 2023 at Margny-lès-Compiègne, tickets are still on sale On the page Ticketweb but this time to attend… duo Bigard-Dieudonné. Despite statements from the comedian suggesting that he had given up on forming the duo.

This box office for the Foutu pour Foutu show was submitted by the show teams.
This box office for the Foutu pour Foutu show was submitted by the show teams. (©Web Capture)

Same day, same place and same time. Audiences can still buy tickets for the Margny-lès-Compiègne date, although the unlikely duo’s tour appears to have been cancelled.

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Controversial duo

She was presented as tour” event » and was to replace Jean-Marie Bigard’s solo show. Parade of the couple Bigard-Dieudonné, baptized Hell for hellwas announced at the beginning of August by both artists with the first date on November 29 in Grenoble, before a tour in many Zéniths in the country, including the hall Le Tigre in Margny-lès-Compiègne.

“The duet with Dieudonné, that must be forgotten,” asks Bigard

After “pressure” from relativesJean-Marie Bigard finally gave up on this tour: “I signed a memorandum of understanding through my lawyer asking him to stop communicating my image, my head and selling tickets in my name. Dieudonné accepted “, Jean-Marie Bigard admitted on Touche Pas à Mon Poste on September 13, elaborating: “a duet with Dieudonné, you must forget it”.

While the production continues to sell tickets for the Margny-lès-Compiègne show on Billetweb, Maître Emmanuel Ludot, Jean-Marie Bigard’s lawyer, assures that ” the producer sold tickets when she had no right to do soshe explains that when she signed the contracts with Jean-Marie Bigard, her signature was no longer worth anything because her company went bankrupt.

Producer Chrystel Camus continues to promote the dates of the “Foutu pour foutu” show.

Contacted, the team from the Le Tigre de Margny-lès-Compiègne room has no further information regarding the January 27 performance, but told Actu Oise that Dieudonné’s arrival alone would not be possible.

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