Between €50 and €120: concert tickets from Orleson to Caen for sale online

Between €50 and €120: concert tickets from Orleson to Caen for sale online

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For those who don’t have a place yet and want to attend one of them Orelsan concerts on Caen Zenith (Calvados), Wednesday, October 26 and Thursday, October 27, 2022, there are only three options left: withdraw from the event, win tickets to the game as offers some on the Caen sideor find a resale ticket. On Leboncoin merchant websiteseveral seats are for sale at very different prices, ranging between €50 and €120 per seat (at the time of writing).

A word of caution

While the user Right corner offers four seats for 100 euros, for example in the box, others have set the bar at 50, 75 or 120 euros. Prices for the most part higher than those offered at the opening of the box office for these two evenings (between €40 and €65).

Organizers and Zénith management must be careful when buying tickets for resale. During Orelsano’s previous performances at the Zénith de Caen, some audience members were tricked into buying tickets online with a QR code that didn’t match anything. “This problem has been reported to us and we regret it because the people who have been cheated have found themselves blocked at the front door and will not see their money again,” complains Sylvie Duchesne, director of Zénith de Caen.

Ticket market?

Like many other room managers in France, he hopes one day official ticket exchange it can serve as an exchange platform for spectators, for resale or to find a place, as was offered to the participants of the last year of the Beauregard festival. “The festival has the option to manage its box office directly, which is easier. At Zéniths, we work with different productions, and therefore with different box offices. The tool to offer such a service that would allow us to reassure all users of our rooms is not yet ready. He would provide many services.

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