Beginner, casual, experienced… The best places to surf in Morbihan

Beginner, casual, experienced… The best places to surf in Morbihan

There is no age for surfing. Spring waves, small waves in August or big waves in November, Morbihan offers beautiful spots for surfing. In the photo of Sainte-Barbe in Plouharnel. © Morbihan news

and Morbihan it has many places for surfing. We’ll give you some beaches Use it vague, for all levels. Breton surfer Erwan Simon guides us through different spots.

Plouharnel to the beginning

On the way to the Quiberon peninsula we find Plouharnel beaches, namely Sainte-Barbe, Ty Hoche and La Guérite. The village displays tag surfing.

Sainte-Barbe in Plouharnel on the beach of Morbihan
Sainte-Barbe in Plouharnel in Morbihan. Photo taken on July 17, 2022. ©Actu Morbihan

“Sainte-Barbe is a classic. The advantage is that the waves are not too strong and the waves are easily accessible,” says Erwan Simon. This place is reserved for beginners and casuals. In addition, there is a designated area for surfers (outside the guarded swimming pool).

Erwan Simon gives some tips for beginners:

I recommend going through the school (good advice, pedagogy, weather advice). We learn faster. Always inform yourself before entering the water. Ask other surfers if there are any hazards. Avoid standing where there are crowds of people. We are in danger of collision.

We like the wild side of the place and the big stretches of sand. What not to step on, finally surf on it.

Penthièvre depending on conditions

For the fans a short break (a wave that breaks at the edge), towards the beach Prawns just before the Isthmus of Penthièvre. At high tide, the shore is for the experienced, and at low tide, accessible to beginners.

Conditions are generally suitable for small boards, but also for bodysurfers. That is, those who surf with fins and their bodies.

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Guidel and Larmor-Plage depending on the weather

Erwan Simon originates Guidel. At home, he advises his community some easily accessible beaches and “a few rock waves that come through once in a while.”

Erwan Simon defines himself as a surfer, explorer and author.
Erwan Simon defines himself as a surfer, explorer and author. © Morbihan news

If there is a ripple, it invites surfers to go a little further Toulhars Beach in Larmor-Plage. “It’s rare to surf this place in the summer,” he warns.

The best times for surfing in Morbihan are autumn and spring. Strong waves are coming in and the water is still pretty good. Winter is more disturbed. In the summer there are often smaller waves. And more people on the coast.

Erwan Simon, “Wave Hunter”

Put in Belle-île for experienced surfers

“You have to go to Bangor Beach View », Erwan Simon starts right away. This place benefits from favorable waves year-round surfing. Facing directly west, the beach catches all the waves.

Overlooking Belle-Ile-en-Mer ©CDT56 – Marc-Shaffner

From them surfing school are present nearby. “It’s similar to Quiberon with waves of sand. It’s more for experienced surfers,” explains the Brittany surfer.

Wild coast in Quiberon for the most experienced

And to finish, the place to be from Morbihan, Quiberon Peninsula. But beware, you have to have a hell of a level to brush up against the waves. “Côte Sauvage is for experienced surfers”, reveals Erwan Simon.

On the Wild Coast, two places to rememberPort Blanc and Port Bara. Two wonderful spots, but reserved for experienced surfers as the spot can be dangerous.

Dragon 56 intervened in the town of Saint-Pierre-Quiberon (Morbihan) on Monday 29 March 2021 after a man was swept away by a wave.
Saint-Pierre-Quiberon (Morbihan) offers spots for experienced surfers. © Morbihan news

At high tide it is a short break and at low tide watch out for rocks. It is better to consult news on specialized sites. Good surfing!

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