Bears in the Pyrenees: MP from France Insoumise challenges the Minister of Agriculture

Bears in the Pyrenees: MP from France Insoumise challenges the Minister of Agriculture

Many breeders, hunters and local elected officials oppose the presence of bears in the Pyrenees. (©Illustration Adobe Stock)

The invitation was well received. memberAriege, Benedict Taurine publicly attacked the Minister of Agriculture on 21 September during a hearing in the National Assembly on the presence of a bear in Pyrenees.

The minister invited him to come to Ariège

Chosen by the way France Insoumise he took the opportunity to invite Marc Fesneau to come to Ariège to meet “mountain users” and “to assess the situation”. He immediately responded positively to the invitation.

The intervention is not related to the news of the last months. On several occasions the administrative court Toulouse suspended the execution of the decrees of the prefect of Ariège authorizing the execution scary shots intended to prevent damage to herds. The judge in chambers thus agreed with the association, which feared “harmful effects on the bear population, especially pregnant females.”

The representative of the first constituency of Ariège since 2017, Bénédicte Taurine, recalls that the department has about fifty bears out of the 70 bears present in the Pyrenees:

The presence of these animals causes damage to the herds and tension between the different users of the mountain, with the ban on scaring a major point of tension this summer.

Benedict TaurineMember of Parliament for Ariège

In response to this intervention, the Minister of Agriculture said that he was “aware of the tension” regarding this difficult coexistence between “large predators” and “farm animals”. Marc Fesneau said he was in favor of deterrence measures in a context where “breeding is collapsing under predation pressure”. And add: “applies to the bear, but also to the wolf”.

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