Basketball and volleyball in Quimper: managed by 22 professional athletes

Basketball and volleyball in Quimper: managed by 22 professional athletes

Samuel Breton is the physical trainer of Béliers de Kemper and the players of Quimper Volley 29. ©Steven COUZIGOU

listen to talk Samuel Breton, it is difficult to give him 23 years. Behind the table, in the middle of the sports machines, he speaks calmly and calmly. Impressive.

He joined the team in July 2022 Camper rams as fitness trainer. An activity he has been running for a year Quimper volleyball 29. “I was looking for a work-study program as part of finalizing my degree Master Steps EOPS (training and optimization of sports performance)”, asks Samuel Breton.

A year during which he was able to convince the club. So much so that he was offered a full-time job.


The original Brestois is not the type to rest on his laurels. When he learns that the Kemper Rams are looking for a replacement for u Sylvain Ronvel, does not hesitate to knock on their doors. “My academic profile met expectations. As for me, I wanted to gain experience at a club with more resources,” explains Samuel Breton. And to continue:

Both clubs have agreed that I will split my time between the two.

He also takes care of the young volleyball players of the training center. So his days are busy. But that doesn’t scare him. “I knew where I was stepping,” smiles the former handball player Lanester (Morbihan).

Hiring at 8am with the Rams. I play volleyball from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Afternoons are dedicated to specific sessions. Individual work, testing,… In the evening, I devote myself to young people.

passion and ambition

When he talks about his relationship with his professional activity, Samuel Breton’s words radiate passion. What stands out is the place he wants to give people. “First I take information about everyone and then I adapt. You have to be able to support the athlete and at the same time create a connection between the technical and medical staff,” he explains.

He is eager for knowledge, he goes with pleasure to see what is being done elsewhere, in research. He also holds a higher education in sports nutrition obtained in Paris. “It’s exciting to see how I can develop. Bound to his native Brittany, he saw himself step out of his comfort zone.

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My dream is to integrate the staff for the Olympics. Or a professional first division team that competes in the European Championship.

The grateful one does not forget to greet those who believe in him. “Having the confidence of the coaches at only 23 years old is rare. And what’s more in such a compartmentalized environment. I thank them. »

Samuel Breton definitely has everything great already. Athletes are in good hands.

Quimper volley 29 receives Saint-Dié des Vosges, Saturday 1ahem October at 8 p.m. in the Ergué-Armel sports hall. Prices: from 3.50 to 10 euros. Online ticket sales:

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