Balleroy-sur-Drome.  Yohann Pesquerel officially installed as mayor

Balleroy-sur-Drome. Yohann Pesquerel officially installed as mayor

Yohann Pesquerel, surrounded here by the main elected representatives, from left to right: Gilbert Montaigne (representative), Karine Beaussieux (delegated adviser), Christelle Lavalley (representative), Angélique Osmont (representative), Nathalie Leneveu (delegated adviser) and Laurent Montéléon (representative). ©Renaissance

Yohann Pesquerel was elected mayor of Balleroy-sur-Drôme with 15 votes from 18 voters (1 blank envelope, 2 blank). The new councilor proposed to the elected officials to elect instead of 5 4 representatives. The following were elected: Angelique Osmont, Laurent Monteléon, Christelle Lavalley and Gilbert Montaigne, with 16 votes and 3 ties.

To complete the team, Yohann Pesquerel, after being accepted by the board of directors, appointed three delegated advisors: Nathalie Leneveu, Christophe Dupont and Karine Beaussieux.

The installation of delegated mayors was then proceeded with: Laurent Monteléon was elected for Balleroy by 15 votes against 2 for Christophe Dupont and 2 blank ballots; Yohann Pesquerel was elected for Vaubadon with 14 votes, 4 vacancies and 1 tie.

The skills of representatives and delegated advisors will be known at the next municipality. The Mayor read the Local Elected Official’s Charter.

Compensation of elected officials of mines

The mayor offered reducing his allowances and his assistants by 20%. Elected members accept, 1 abstained. It makes gross monthly allowances for the mayor €1,661 gross and €667.34 for assistants. Those for delegated advisors are EUR 250 gross per month. That is an annual saving of €3,603.11, especially when the mayor announced: “I am giving up my allowance as deputy mayor”, imitated by Laurent Monteléon, who specified: “My replacement allowance is also sufficient”.

Call for residents

The mayor then started a proposal to the residents of the village who wish to join the commissions, each of which can have a maximum of four. Otherwise, a draw will be made to leave only the entered number. There are ten commissions in the plan: Associations, Finance, Communications, Childhood-Youth, CCAS and Social Affairs, Heritage, Work-Roads, Flowers-Decoration-Greenery, City Entrances and Small Towns of Tomorrow.

Those interested must register at the municipal office by 1ahem October.

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Yohann Pesquerel, already installed Vice President of Isigny Omaha Intercom, Nathalie Leneveu, Angélique Osmont and Christophe Dupont will represent Balleroy-sur-Drôme on the intercom.

In CLECT (Local Commission for the Evaluation of Transferred Fees) the acting delegates are Gilbert Montaigne and Laurent Montéléon, alternates are Guillaume Chicot and Nathalie Leneveu. Vaubadon-Le Tronquay Water Association: titular delegate Michel Granger and substitute Olivier Guérard. Balleroy Water Syndicate: titular delegate Sébastien Monnet and alternate Michel Granger.

The next town council is on Thursday 20 October at 20:30 at the town hall of Vaubadon.

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