Aveyron.  The death of Pierre Soulages: strong emotions in Occitania and Rodez, his hometown

Aveyron. The death of Pierre Soulages: strong emotions in Occitania and Rodez, his hometown

Pierre Soulages died at the age of 102. In Rodez (Aveyron), his hometown, emotions run particularly high. (© Twitter CD)

Pierre-Soulagesworld famous painter, died this Wednesday, October 26, 2022 aged 102 years old. A true figure of abstract art and an explorer of black and Outrenoir, the famous artist left an immense mark on his hometown, Born (Aveyron), where the contemporary art museum bears his name. Pierre Soulages, intrinsically connected to Occitania, lived for many years in Sète (Hérault). Tributes have poured in since his death was announced in a region where emotions run high.

“He Lights Up the Sky”

Since his death was announced, it has been on the Rodez side where the strongest emotions have been felt. “On behalf of all Ruthénois and all Ruthénois, I extend our most sincere condolences to Madame Soulages and her family,” the mayor quickly responded. Christian Teyssedre. Pierre Soulages was about to celebrate his 80th wedding anniversary with his 101-year-old wife, Colette.

Of course, the sadness is huge in the Ruthenian city. “But what a beautiful and long life! Rest in peace Mr. Soulages,” sad user. “What an artist! I loved his work on ultra black and light… He lights up paradise! », comments Aveyronnaise. For others, the honors should multiply in the coming days. “Why not a ‘special’ jersey for Rodez AF? asks the Russian.

“An Inspiring Accomplice”

Carole Delga recently crossed paths with the Aveyron painter. “Besides the huge artist and visionary that he was – and will forever be – he was also an inspiring accomplice with whom I shared a love for art, Japan, Aveyron and Sète,” writes the president of Region Occitanie on social media. “We saw each other again on October 5th and talked a lot…and laughed. My thoughts go out to his wife Colette, to whom I turn for friendly support, and also to all his relatives. »

the major of the town Toulouse, Jean-Luc Moudenc he also commented on this disappearance: “The great Pierre Soulages dies but leaves behind a considerable body of work. From Rodez, where he was born, to the greatest museums in the world, he marked the history of art with his Outrenoire. His work will forever remain in the light. »

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HAS Montpellier we also wanted to honor the memory of the Aveyron painter through his mayor, Michael Delafosse : “The immense Pierre Soulages is leaving us. I would like to honor his memory, a student at the School of Fine Arts in #Montpellier, his work took over the world. It marks the history of art, like the history of the city, with the expansion of the Fabre Museum, where we discover the power of his art. »

Etienne Guyotprefect of the region Occitaniait retains “the immense power that came from Pierre Soulages, the creative power and the power of conviction about the mark he wanted to leave with his work”.

by Stephan Mazars, MEP for Aveyron, thinks in particular of the mark that Pierre Soulages will leave on the department. “Since 2014 and the opening of the museum in his name in Rodez, young and old have discovered and rediscovered the gems of his artistic work, which are and will forever be the pride of the territory and the entire country. »

“Aveyron bears its legendary mark with the stained glass windows in Conques and the museum in its name in Rodez”, for representative Lawrence Alexander.

For Jean-Francois Rousset, also representative of Aveyron, the painter “leaves behind an immense work that transcends time. The incredible reinventor of black and the master of lights”.

“He leaves behind an immense body of work”

Premier, Elisabeth Borne, also commented on the death of this great French figure: “Sadness to learn of the death of Pierre Soulages. He leaves behind an immense body of work that transcends time. The incredible rediscoverer of black and master of lights. »

former Minister of Culture, Roselyn Bachelot also responded: “While we are at the Academy of Fine Arts to “install” the artist Anne Poirier, the painful announcement of the death of the immense Pierre Soulages falls. Unbelievable emotions and sadness. A painter and engraver, the master of darkness turned darkness into light. Current Culture Minister Rima Abdul Malak speaks of “a great loss to the art world”.

Caroline Cayeuxthe minister delegate responsible for local authorities, declares that “today we are your orphans [sa] light “.


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