Aubergenville: the Montgardé clinic has been repairing hands for 25 years

Aubergenville: the Montgardé clinic has been repairing hands for 25 years

Dr. Barbato takes care of a trauma patient at the Montgardé Clinic in Aubergenville. (©Fabien Dézé)

Within Montgardé Private Hospital Centercenter SOS hands is a service that has been unanimously accepted for 25 years Aubergenville.

“We are part of it 64 certified centers in France by the European Federation of Main Ambulance Services (Fessum), says orthopedic surgeon Bruno Barbato, who has been working in Aubergenville since September 1997. There is only one other main SOS center in Yvelines, in Trappes. This discipline represents more than a third of the hospital’s activity. »

25,000 consultations per year

Each year, 25,000 views are listed in the pro service 5,500 operations hand and upper extremity surgery.

“We are six specialized surgeons, the seventh will join us in January,” he elaborates Doctor Bruno Barbato.

The latter, who already has some experience, explains that patients come for consultations for a variety of reasons.

Most often, these are children who come for a “finger from the door”. You have to be careful, it can leave scars. Everything else ranges from kitchen cuts that can lead to torn tendons to accidents with a chainsaw or sander. There the consequences are more serious: crushing, amputation… We often welcome carpenters. The consequences are not only physical, but also professional and psychological.

Dr. Bruno BarbatoOrthopedic surgery

Of course, Dr. Barbato also sees many athletes parade after mountain bike falls or ball sports trauma.

“It’s amazing that there are fewer injuries in combat sports,” he adds.

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No room for doubt

He knows from experience that an untreated injury can have consequences painful. When in doubt, he therefore invites people to the hospital center, even if it is a false alarm.

For example, all minor injuries from glass can turn out to be dangerous. It is the sharpest material. Often we let it sit and after fifteen or twenty days we end up with the problem of cut tendons, unexpected lesions. It is better to investigate a benign wound than to let doubt settle. Our service is quite reactive, we can get feedback very quickly.

Dr. Bruno Barbato

With various restrictions, the practitioner also saw new injuries appear.

“Do-it-yourself and gardening have boomed. On the other hand, accidents at work do not increase much, because there is a lot of safety on machines today. »

“A simple and comprehensive tool”

Always so passionate Doctor Barbato he speaks of the hand as a “simple and complex” instrument. It is softer, smaller than the other limb. It requires special training and you gain experience over the years. »

Dr. Bruno Barbato was already in office when the department opened in 1997.
Dr. Bruno Barbato was already in office when the department opened in 1997. (©Fabien Dézé)

He never tires of “fixing patients” and the bond he has formed with some of them.

There are some that I have operated on more than 25 times. The trust created is very important.

Dr. Bruno Barbato

In a few years, the Montgardé clinic move to a few hundred meters further, still in Aubergenville.

He welcomes the change positively.

“We will have new premises, co-workers will join us. The service will continue to grow,” he concludes.

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