Artist residence in the forest of Rennes in Liffré

Artist residence in the forest of Rennes in Liffré

Artists Tiphaine Calmettes and François Beau in the forest at Liffré. ©Photo DR

After Laurent Tixador’s residency in spring 2022, the contemporary art center in Rennes 40 mcube continues to work with the association up there and establish a second artist residency in reindeer forest in Liffre : Tiphaine Calmettes and François Beau.

Tiphaine Calmettes is interested in the relationship between the living and the inanimate. Working primarily with organic materials, her works encourage the viewer to leave observation and enter into a relationship with them.

François Beau is a carpenter in the “Des Hommes et des Arbres” association, which promotes traditional practices around wood. From the raw element (stump) to the precision of bas-reliefs inspired by the arts and crafts, he and she want to restore the connection between art and craft, between the cultural and the natural.

Depending on the angle of view, the created armchair has a raw appearance or a careful finish reminiscent of classic French furniture from the 18th century. This armchair also evokes as much a utilitarian object encouraging rest during a hike in the forest of Rennes as a sculpture that we are surprised to discover in the heart of the forest. A work created by Laurent Tixador, this sculpture contributes to the establishment of an artistic path in reindeer forest.

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