Armada 2023. The star of the previous issue, why doesn’t Hermione come to Rouen

Armada 2023. The star of the previous issue, why doesn’t Hermione come to Rouen

A mushroom-eaten Hermione will not be able to attend the Armada 2023 event in Rouen (Seine-Maritime). (©MN/Archives 76actu)

This is sad news forArmada 2023 : Hermione will not return to Rouen. On October 20, 2022, the Hermione–La Fayette Association stated in a press release that “certain parts of the Hermione’s hull must undergo restoration work, attacked by the development of fungi “.

A call for donations has been launched, through which the association hopes to raise 6.5 million euros to continue the repairs and restoration of the frigate. “She will need 15 to 18 months from January 2023,” specifies the press release, which insists that “the frigate is repairable.” But due to the dates, the arrival of the sailboat at Armada 2023 between June 8 and 18 is unthinkable.

Star of the year 2019

“It is certain that Hermione will not be present at the 2023 edition,” confirms Patrick Herr, founder and former president of the largest gathering of tall ships in the world. Before he added, worried, “I’m afraid this will all end up in the museum of this beautiful sailing ship. »

The undisputed star of 2019, Hermione especially made a mark on the hearts of visitors. “It was the first time we brought a frigate to the Armada. It wasn’t easy, we had to come up with a big budget,” recalls Patrick Herr.

At the end of 2019, many of you attended the end of the right bank quays at his departure. On this occasion Hermione was also the last ship to leave Rouen.

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