Ariege.  A petition calling for the prefect’s resignation has collected more than 16,700 signatures

Ariege. A petition calling for the prefect’s resignation has collected more than 16,700 signatures

Sylvie Feucher, prefect of Ariège, is in the hunt for presenters. (c) Echo Le Régional /

bear never stops splitting vAriege. It has its detractors, but also supporters. And they are not counted only on the fingers of the hand, judging by the number of signatories of this petition directed against it Sylvia Feucher, prefect department.

More than 16,700 signatories

So more than 16,700 applicants mobilized on September 20, 2022 to demand the resignation of the prefect after the serial annulment of several of his decisions by the courts.

The petition was published on the website This is an article from the Animal Welfare Association OneVoice. This association has won several legal actions against the Prefect of Ariège regarding the burning issue of the bear.

Against the terrible shots aimed at bears

The petition aims to unite all opponents of decoy shots used to keep bears away from herds. However, these shots are required by breeders to protect their livestock during summer grazing. The farmers also have many supporters, including department president Christine Téqui.

Despite the significant support of part of the population, however, animal rights activists intend to put pressure on the prefect with this petition.

“It is common for governments to favor breeders/hunters/trappers at the expense of animals and nature. We see it every day. But the repeated denial of justice in the rule of law is absolutely unacceptable. »

One voiceAnimal Rights Association

Prefect’s decrees annulled by justice

This summer there are no less than 8 prefectural decrees which allowed bear deterrent shots to be struck down by an administrative court.

For their part, breeders are furious. At the end of August, they counted 45 sheep that died in a rock fall after a bear spooked the herd. The fact that the prefecture is failing to enforce permits for deterrent shots adds to their dismay.

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“One Voice has never been in favor of introducing bears to the Pyrenees, where they fly into a hostile environment. But now that they are here, we refuse to let them be hunted! They deserve to live in peace and not suffer the onslaught of violence. And whole spaces of nature will be able to prosper with them. We humans must learn to co-exist with animals and nature while there is still some left. »

One voiceAnimal Rights Association

For his part, the administrative judge, after studying the stressful situation and psychological suffering of farmers and herders on mountain pastures confronted with predation by bears, concluded that issues related to the protection of the bear require significant prioritization of the measures necessary for its preservation.

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