Are cases of assault and battery, burglary and sexual violence increasing in Pays de L’Aigle?

Are cases of assault and battery, burglary and sexual violence increasing in Pays de L’Aigle?

There are burglaries at L’Aigle (©Adobe Stock Illustration)

The statistical service has just released data on internal security in France, including rural areas. We are interested in delinquency on Pays de L’Aigle (Orne) to know its development and compare it with neighboring cities.

Fewer intentional hits and injuries

O intentional assault and bodily harm for people over 15, between 2016 and 2021, L’Aigle’s official figures increased from 53 cases to 37, a substantial decrease that can also be found on St. Sulpice. The neighboring town had 5 cases in 2016 and no longer appears in the 2021 statistics. Dawnthe numbers are stable with 5 facts revealed each year.

Ste-Gauburgabsent from the statistics in 2016, it appears there with 19 facts in 2021. An alarming increase, to say the least.

AT, Vimoutiers increases from 15 to 23, but this increase remains less than Mortagne, evolving over the period from 11 to 31 facts. For information, Argentinian saw a small drop from 82 to 80, while vice versa Alencon it goes from 136 to 189 facts.

For intentional assault and bodily harm in the family for persons aged 15 and over, fewer municipalities appear in the INSEE statistics. L’Aigle observes a slight decrease from 20 to 18 facts between 2016 and 2021, while Argentan records the opposite trend, from 29 to 37 facts and Alençon from 59 to 90. Mortagne, missing from the statistics in 2016, appears there in 2021 with 14 facts.

Almost constant sexual violence

O sexual violence, in the period 2016-2021 the numbers in L’Aigle are unfortunately almost stable, ranging from 12 to 14 detected cases. On the other hand, Alençon observes numbers in a strong progression, while going from 33 to 55 facts during the same period.

For house breakingL’Aigle appears to benefit from a significant reduction in cases, from 19 in 2016 to 5 in 2021. The same trend as St-Sulpice, which is based on statistics in 2021 after having 5 cases in 2016. La Ferte-Fresnel, the numbers are almost stable (from 10 to 9 burglaries), but they clearly increase in Aube (from 0 to 6), as well as in Argentan (from 8 to 30). Finally, Alençon has a downward trend, increasing from 67 to 45 cases during the period.

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Finally, when it comes to robbery without violence against peopleL’Aigle is on track with a decrease in the number of victims heard from 63 to 53 between 2016 and 2021. The same in Mortagne (from 23 to 17), Vimoutiers (from 16 to 14), Argentan (from 121 to 103) and Alençon (295 to 220).

Conversely, St-Sulpice saw an increase, from 5 to 11 cases, as did Gacé (from 8 to 15) and Sées (from 23 to 27).

Source INSEE

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