Ancenis-Saint-Géréon.  The town hall reactivates the blue zone

Ancenis-Saint-Géréon. The town hall reactivates the blue zone

In addition to the blue zone, white zones with free spaces such as rue des Tonneliers are materialized. (©Echo Ancenis)

“With the return to normal and the parking lot often full, the drive becomes mandatory again,” he announces Gilles Rambault, public peace assistant. As a reminder, we are talking about blue area the place where parking (parking lot, roadway) is materialized a blue signaling on the ground.

Free, to releasebut limited to two hours, disk is required daily From 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m az 14:00 to 19:00, Except Sundays and holidays.

If there is no disk, usually on the dashboard of the vehicle, the user is exposed to a A fine of €35. “From now on, the disc defect will be verbalized,” warns the elected official. It is important to talk about it so that people are not taken as traitors. This blue zone must really play its full role in parking regulation. »

In Ancenis-Saint-Géréon, there are three sectors. The biggest is historic centre with the following streets: rue Saint-Paul (from no. 135 to no. 149), rue des Vinaigriers, rue Georges-Clemenceau (from no. 143 to rue d’Anjou), rue du Collège (the part between rue Georges-Clemenceau and rue Tartifume), rue des Douves (section between rue de l’Abbé-Fresneau and rue du Château), rue Aristide-Briand (section between rue Georges-Clemenceau and rue de Charost), rue d’Anjou, car park rue du Pont, Place Maréchal-Foch and part of Place Saint-Pierre (near rue Saint-Paul). On Arcade sector, the blue zone refers to the car park in front of the Espace Corail, the car park in front of Crédit Agricole, the car park on both sides of the Boulevard du Docteur-Moutel, on the shopping center side. The third sector is parking lot located between the SNCF station and Cafe station.

Vacancies in white areas

“The blue zone does not apply to persons with limited mobility and orientation, who have a special stamp stuck on the windshield”, clarifies Gilles Rambault, who draws attention to the introduction of the so-called white areasmaterialized on the ground in white, suggesting free places.

Located on average at 5 minutes walk from the historic centerthey are located in the République car park, the Barème car park (77 spaces), the Place Saint-Pierre (25), the rue des Tonneliers (10) and the Promenade car park (opposite the summer swimming pool).

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