American donuts arrive in Bernay: as soon as they open, the shop is robbed…

American donuts arrive in Bernay: as soon as they open, the shop is robbed…

Morgan Delahaye has been busy since the opening of Le temps des donuts ©PW

The owner of the premises Morgan Delahaye and his companionboth amateurs the simpsons and the American series, he dreamed of it. The idea of ​​opening this type of establishment had been in their heads for some time and the sale of the bakery “la Mie câline” was the trigger to start. “It’s a very well-located place in the center of the city, Bernay, with a lot of young people’s passages and well-placed in relation to the Saturday market,” comments Morgan Delahaye, head of Le Temps des donuts, who admits he watched the place carefully for a while before making the purchase.

After receiving the fund, the lucky owners carried out the necessary works – refrigerated display cases, lighting, a production laboratory – and did not forget to hang the indispensable and official Simpsons clock on the wall! These facilities make the place a pleasant space.

Victims of their success

As soon as the store opened, the donuts and bagels went like hot cakes and the windows were robbed until they were out of stock from the beginning of the afternoon, during the opening and then for the following days; Never mind, Morgan Delahaye will increase his production.

Donut making starts from 4am and at least 14 different types of donuts are offered every day. The base of the donuts and bagels (the salty equivalent of a doughnut) is supplied by the bakery “les petits douces”. Then the donuts are processed, “dressed up” with various products or toppings, chocolate, vanilla, speculoos or fruit. For the most part, these are local products. For example, Le temps des donuts works with “Les fruits de la passion” for fruit and “la brûléie” for Colombian coffee.

Le temps des donuts offers both sweet and savory products. There are four different types of bagels, chicken curry, salmon, tuna, tomato mozzarella pesto. On the “winner’s podium” for sweet products we find “Kinder country” (white chocolate coating, Kellock smacks, Kinder country, Ferro Rocher (praline coating and Ferrero and Speculoos: (Speculoos cream topped with Speculoos). bagel, donut of your choice and the drink is offered every day. Morgan looks forward to Halloween to customize his donuts in black and orange. He can also make them on request for special events: birthdays, theme nights, football games, etc.

Donut time is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Such. 06 61 60 25 09.

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