Alzheimer’s: these 5 symptoms that should alert you – CNEWS

Alzheimer’s: these 5 symptoms that should alert you – CNEWS

This Wednesday, September 21, is World Alzheimer’s Day, the leading cause of dementia and severe addiction in the elderly. Although there is currently no curative treatment to cure this neurodegenerative condition, it is possible to slow its progression. Therefore, it is essential to detect the first symptoms quickly.

memory problems

There are several early warning signs Alzheimer’s disease which can alert the patient and his family. Among them memory problems. Not remembering an appointment, the place where you put an item or a phone number can happen to anyone. But when these oversights concern recent events, are repeated, and affect daily life, it may not be so trivial.

Impairment of executive functions

Patients also report difficulty performing tasks that require attention and concentration, such as following a prescription, attending to administrative procedures, organizing a trip or meals, she points out Alzheimer’s Research Foundation. They take much longer to do certain things than before and are more easily distracted.

language disorders

From the early stages of the disease, which affects almost 900,000 people in France, the patient may also have difficulty expressing himself. He tends to search for his words and compensate for this difficulty by using “trunk words” such as “thing”, “thing” or “thing”, but also to substitute one word for another, making his notes unintelligible.


Another red flag: apraxia, a disorder that results in the inability to perform intentional and acquired movements. People with this condition can no longer perform some activities that require some coordination and dexterity, such as writing, doing housework or using household appliances.

emotional and affective disorders

Mood swings may also occur. It is possible that the subject is particularly impatient, irritable, anxious, gets angry or swears, for no apparent reason. On the contrary, he can suddenly seem excessively jovial, giggling and with a childish sense of humor.

Indifference (he no longer cares about the lives of his loved ones, for example) and loss of motivation (he sits for hours without doing anything) are also signs that should not be overlooked.

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