Alex goes aboard his traveling social theater to meet the people of Sud-Yvelines

Alex goes aboard his traveling social theater to meet the people of Sud-Yvelines

Professional integration and cultural activities will be offered by the Cultural Bazaar. (©78news)

IN south of Yvelines, you will probably cross the road in a few days “Culture Bazaar”and traveling community theater and on board Alex Adarjan, its founder. Help employment especially cultural activities will be proposed.

“Go meet people”

Alex Adarjan is going to meet people and “take the theater out of its walls”. One who has training actor and who managed the theater company Spleen for 7 years, is busy with the final preparations of the traveling community theater.

“Between my theater experience, I worked in the social sector, especially at Usine à Chapeaux. In addition to questions of mobility, there is a question of priority when it comes to culture. If these people don’t have a job, if their physiological needs are not met, there is a brake”

Alex AdarjanCreator of the Cultural Bazaar

And the actor continued: “The project overflows with the fulfillment of these needs and the subsequent shared culture. We are not detached from reality.”

On board the truck, back to work, access to rights and cultural activities will be offered. Everyone can come and find what interests them.

Car: performance hall…

All activities offered by Alex Adarjan will take place aboard a fully modular truck. As a result, the meter is limited to nine places (theoretically for now) and shows it will be a relatively short “20 to 30 minutes” for the largest number to see them.

The trolley is also equipped for reception exhibitionsmovies or board games.
Alex Adarjan also wants to offer his traveling community theater Yvelinois and to the Euréliens to appropriate culture. So they are encouraged to design their own shows.

“There’s always going to be a show on Saturday night, but it’s not always going to be me doing it. The goal is to make people actors in every sense of the word,” comments Alex Adarjan.
It is also possible to come and read a book or magazine or to take it away (via the deposit system) and read it elsewhere.

Videos: currently on Actu
Aboard his traveling social theater, Alex sets out to meet the people of southern Yvelines and Eure-et-Loir.
Aboard his traveling social theater, Alex sets out to meet the people of southern Yvelines and Eure-et-Loir. (©78news)

… And a social center

“Cultural bazaar” is also a place where you can skills assessment. “I’m trained as a skills assessment consultant,” explains Alex Adarjan. There is also a recruitment component of meeting the needs of companies such as a recruitment firm”.

Job seekers will find a computer and a portable printer to produce a curriculum vitaefor example.
In the long term, Yvelinois wishes to create a professional integration project. “I could work in the Cultural Bazaar for people in reintegration, especially in the performing arts,” he adds.

A few dates to remember

– October 29: escape game at Émance town hall
– November 4: film club in Émanca
– November 5: special Halloween show at Court-Bouillon in Rambouillet.
From mid-November on the Épernon market on Saturday mornings. Some slots will not be bookable so that Alex Adarjan can offer his own activities: theater lessons on Wednesday evenings, cultural activities on Friday evenings, and Saturday evenings are dedicated to performances.
Drawing workshops should also be planned.

It will be possible to go to the “Cultural Bazaar” for help. administrative procedures. However, these services will be provided at the request of municipalities. Because “Cultural Bazaar” is not an association, but a company. For the recipient, access will be free or at small price depending on what will be offered.

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