Alencon.  Thierry Loriot, photographer and ice cream maker!

Alencon. Thierry Loriot, photographer and ice cream maker!

Thiery Loriot is a photographer and frostbite producer! © L’Orne Hebdo

The flavors displayed on jam jars attracted the eye as well as tantalizing the taste buds: plum-cardamom, 4 spice green tomatoes, grapes-ginger, pumpkin-coconut, pineapple-mango, etc.

These jams are actually “gelling” : “jams without chunks and with less sugar than traditional”, explained Thierry Loriot from his stand at the Tous Paysans exhibition inAlencon (Orne), Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 October 2022.

Traveling since March

The 50-year-old man, originally from Sarthe, has lived in Alençon for seven years. And he is above all photographer for 40 years.

This is Street of Adoration that he put away suitcases, SLR cameras, but also pots.

I always liked to cook. And I collect all the fruit from friends or acquaintances who no longer eat it. I have the whole network!

During limitations, after his activity as a photographer declined, he started making jams. His association tested with the family and confirmed, increased the amount.

One thing leads to another, he came up with the idea of ​​reselling them on the market in the center of Alençon.

I got my street vendor card in March.

Thierry Loriot.

And she’s been showing off her bowing—and his—ever since chutney beet-zucchini or onion-shallot- na Thursday and Saturday market in Alençon but also at farmers markets and fairs.

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For 5 kg!

The Courteille bakery and Navarre-Leclerc High School take it from him on consignment. Hotel Ile de Sées, for your customers.

“It happened naturally in the market. People will taste it and when they like it, offer me to sell it or buy it for their customers! “, smiles the jam maker, who produces everything “by himself in 70 m2” of the house.

Faced with the galloping success he’s been encountering, he admits he “can still deliver”!

Its production is proportional to its harvest.

I work up to 5 kg. And above all, I use seasonal fruit… Except for mango and pineapple: I buy those from Biocoop.

Thierry Loriot.

On approach Christmas markets, already has ideas for recipes “based on spices, cinnamon and citrus”. Quince, apple and pear are its staples… here in Normandy.

One thing is certain: Thierry enjoys tasting his production. “And most of all meeting people and talking to them.”

And it’s mutual!

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