Alencon.  Rising fuel costs: driving school prices will rise

Alencon. Rising fuel costs: driving school prices will rise

At the driving school, Alencon Walid, the manager, regrets having to increase the rates for driving lessons in the near future. © L’Orne Hebdo

The diesel and gasoline prices are at the highest level and road professionals are particularly affected. For driving school managers, it represents fee increase several hundred euros per month.

On Alencon (Orne), the instructors are organizing save gas and avoid queues fill.

“This is no longer possible”

With his eleven vehiclesDriving school Dominic’s training is pessimistic about the future.

Already in January, we were hit by the increase in fuel prices. It was complicated and we did not increase the fare at the start, but today it is no longer possible.

Adrien Bellanger, manager of the Dominique Formation driving school

Adrien Bellanger, the manager, regrets that despite 30 cents off of the state since the month of Septembergas is always expensive over €2 by location. “I don’t see any improvement, it will be almost the norm soon.

In January 2023 the driving school will no longer have a choice. The price of the course will increase by 1 to 2 €.

€1,500 of petrol per month

Same story for Aloncon driving school, avenue du General Leclerc in Alençon. “In January 2022, I had no intention of raising prices if this did not continue…” says Walid, one of the managers.

Today, it is certain that prices will rise. We haven’t decided how much yet because I didn’t want to believe it.

Walid, co-director of Alencon driving school

The man assures prices will match between different driving schools. “We’ll make a deal between us.”

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“We’re not making this decision for fun,” he says Adrian Bellanger.

Fees have been increasing since January. “€200 to €300 a month” more to pay for fuel. This represents a budget of Minimum €1,500 per month. Diesel is one of the five expenses the most important of his driving school.

She dried up!

Fortunately, vehicles fromAdrian Bellanger in the last weeks, when the city and the country were suffering, they did not stay dry lack of fuel. “We are informed by our suppliers and we organize according to the bottom of the tanks so that it is not dry.”

On the sideAloncon driving schoolunfortunately, Walid did not escape the shortage.

When I had driving school the next day I found myself stuck… I was affected professionally but also personally like everyone else.

Walid, co-director of Alencon driving school

The station where he usually refuels Alencon It was closed ten days, for lack of replenishment. “We have a cap card there that we had to double because it wasn’t enough.

Go electric?

other solution for some gas stations? Go all-electric. Unthinkable for Adrian Bellanger.

90% of our customers want to learn to drive cars with a manual transmission. If we switch to automatic boxes, we will already lose all customers.

Adrien Bellanger, manager of the Dominique Formation driving school

Since more than twenty yearssome of the driving schools are campaigning for acquisition fuel fee waiver, as they exist with other transport professionals. According to them, this would allow them not to raise tariffs driving license.

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