Alencon.  He broke into his ex-wife’s house at night and stabbed his new boyfriend in bed

Alencon. He broke into his ex-wife’s house at night and stabbed his new boyfriend in bed

In July 2021, a man entered his ex-wife’s home with a spare key and stabbed his new sleeping partner. Since he confessed to the fact, he is placed in pre-trial detention. © L’Orne Hebdo

The Investigative Chamber of the Court of Appeal dated Caen (Calvados) held in custody, Tuesday, October 25, 2022, a man who stabbed his ex-wife’s lover, in Alencon (Orne) after catching him in bed with her.

Custom duplicate key

One evening in July 2021, the Alençonnais went to his ex-wife’s house, armed with a knife. During the breakup, he was told that he “took care to duplicate his keys.”

Then he had surprised the couple in their room and he had he stabbed his ex-wife’s boyfriend while they both slept.

He was interrogated and charged he acknowledged the facts by trying to convince that his children had he complained about his stepfather’s attitudes.

Pathological personality

However, the investigation showed that the children actually did not “never complained about anything” to the victim. The defendant, on the other hand, was already known to the courts: he was already known convicted seven times for various offenses listed by the President of the Investigative Chamber.

Psychological and psychiatric expert opinions concluded that if an individual confided in “self-doubt”, he was also equipped “pathological personality” with an “impulsive” character and “immature and egocentric profile”.

He thinks his victim is as responsible as he is, minimizes the facts and is not very open to empathy.

President of the Investigative Chamber of the Court of Appeal of Caen.

Held in pre-trial detention

A lawyer for the civil party confirmed that the Alençonnais “had a willattribute responsibility to his ex-wife’s new partner.

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The last one also says “fear” for his safety.

The respondent is not present or represented by a lawyer at the hearing not on the first try request for release.

The Advocate General also opposed his request “like last month and like next month”, already predicted.

The judges watched his submission and held in pre-trial detention.

Source: LB (PressPepper)

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