Alencon.  Classes at the medieval university have been restored, from lectures to exercises in the gymnasium

Alencon. Classes at the medieval university have been restored, from lectures to exercises in the gymnasium

Catherine, in the foreground, is eager for her first lessons. © L’Orne Hebdo

Volunteers from medieval university antennaAlencon (Orne) welcomed the faithful association and newcomers, Wednesday, September 21, 2022, registration day.

A wide selection of activities

A crowd gathered at the Maison de la vie associative to finalize their choices after pre-registration online. A naming system that makes passages smoother.

Offer of activities it is broad and open to all. Being retired is not a requirement, but it is clear that most members are. Languages, theatre, visual arts, gymnastics, IT, political economy, bridge… There is something for all tastes, all tastes, all tastes.

“Very interesting” courses

For Catherine, that’s a great first. “I would retire on February 1,” she explains with a registration folder under her arm. “I live in a small town near Alençon and I heard about the Inter-Ages University. The courses offered are very interesting. »

Which caught his attention?

Improvement in English, qi-gong [une gymnastique traditionnelle chinoise et une pratique de la respiration, ndlr] that I want to discover and choral singing, an activity that has always attracted me without daring to start.

Catherine, new member

Registering here is also an opportunity to meet people and make new friends.

I want to keep doing things intellectually.


“I found my account there”

Alençon Inter-Age University
Anne-Marie has returned every year since she began her retirement. © L’Orne Hebdo

Maybe he will meet Anne Marie, also written in Qigong. “I used to do sophrology, but the course no longer exists, so I’m going to discover this new activity,” summarizes the one who has been loyal to the association since 2017.

Videos: currently on Actu

I have been there since the beginning of my retirement. My husband was there and kept saying how great it was.

Anne Marie

Without a clear idea of ​​what would occupy her days from now on, the young pensioner jumped into the bath with joy. Language courses, conferences, art history, gym… “The annual membership allows you to take as many courses as you want, with rare exceptions such as aquagym. » Reflective and sports activities that appealed to her.

Here we take care of your head and feet!

Anne Marie

User friendliness is also a strong point. “I found my account there. With all this, it’s hard to be bored in retirement! »

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