Alencon.  60 strikers responded to CGT’s call for a pay rise

Alencon. 60 strikers responded to CGT’s call for a pay rise

Michel Ducret, regional manager of the metallurgical sector of the CGT, and his colleagues mobilized for a wage increase. © L’Orne Hebdo

Teachers, carers, railway workers… Few of them demonstrated in front of them prefecture of Alençon (Arrow), Thursday, October 27but determined to spread their message: “a immediate revaluation salaries”. But also increases in pensions, index points, scholarships and social minimums.

Call for strike Thursday 10 November

From 11:30 a.m. about sixty protesters responded to the CGT’s call. “It’s not a big event, but we expected it,” he says Isabelle Ledouxgeneral secretary of the departmental union CGT.

Speech by Isabelle Ledoux, General Secretary of the CGT trade union, Thursday 27 September.
Speech by Isabelle Ledoux, General Secretary of the CGT trade union, Thursday 27 September. © L’Orne Hebdo

“It’s the school holidays so there are inevitably fewer people than during the September 29 and October 18 demonstrations.”

This strike is part of the process of struggle, on this occasion it is the springboard for the demonstration on Thursday 10 November.

Isabelle Ledoux, general secretary of the CGT trade union

Activists are trying to mobilize employees of all companies “to raise wages everywhere.” Alone, they cannot ask for anything, they must organize themselves into trade unions”. WITH 6.1% inflation within a year, “the loss of purchasing power is accentuated”.

The poor get poorer and the rich get richer.

Isabelle Ledoux

What does CGT claim?

The CGT demands Smic for 2000 gross (€15 per hour), professional and wage equality between women and men. Increase in pensions for pensioners with the same minimum level of EUR 2,000 gross. Rent reduction and income capping (rent + fees) at 20% of household income. Reduction of VAT to 5.5% on basic necessities of life, especially food and energy. A drop in fuel prices by draining the capital income of multinational companies in the oil sector. The end of exemptions from social and tax contributions, as well as the conditionality of public support for businesses.

Public hospital in danger

“Today is only a stage before November 10”, he supports French teacher at L’Aigle High School, member of SUD Education. “We are asking for another €400 for everyone and regularization of the uncertain.”

Same story by health professionals. Michael Haddaddeputy secretary of CGT Health of Orne, is worried about the future of the public hospital.

We go to the wall at the level of the hospital. We want a real raise. The minimum wage is catching up with low wages.

Michael Haddad, CGT Health 61
health cgt strike alencon
Pascal Lamarche, general secretary of the Union Santé Départementale CGT de l’Orne and its dormitories, was worried about the public hospital. © L’Orne Hebdo

“We have mismanaged health services for years,” he regrets Pascal LamarcheGeneral Secretary of the Department of Health of the Ministry of CGT in Orne.

Videos: currently on Actu

The hospital is sinking, our salaries are no longer attractive. Young people go to temp companies to work in the private sector.

Pascal Lamarche, $61 CGT

Metal and energy: the same fight

Michel Ducret, The regional manager of the CGT metallurgical sector fears for his salary, his profession and his colleagues. “We are involved in the fight for higher wages in the face of inflation, wage negotiations are underway.”

However, the answers of these employees are not satisfactory and they await the reopening of negotiations.

workers strike alencon
About sixty strikers responded to the CGT’s call on Thursday, October 27. © L’Orne Hebdo

Negotiations are also taking place in the energy sector

Wage negotiations have been open in the sector for several weeks now and things are going very badly for companies. An agreement was signed for EDF, but for GRDF and Enedis, the management offers only crumbs.

Frédéric Bizien, CGT regional coordination manager for the energy sector

General meetings will soon be held with employees accompanied by a call for a strike by unions in the sector.

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