Alcohol and football night: the tragic story of Raphaël’s death in an accident

Alcohol and football night: the tragic story of Raphaël’s death in an accident

Drawing. The tragedy occurred on the road to Nanda, in Seine-Port ©Sdis 77

A particularly heavy atmosphere Criminal Court of Melun (Seine-et-Marne), this Monday, October 24, 2022. Two groups of families and relatives face each other in the courtroom; two groups yesterday still friends. A friendship broken forever last night May 29th in a tragic traffic accident on a small road junction Nandy in Seine-Port.

Dramatic traffic accident Seine-Port in court

Around 3 a.m., the Mitsubishi, with three friends on board, went off course. The vehicle overturned after hitting two transformers, a fence, and finally came to rest on a shed. The EMS had to extricate the driver and the rear passenger, who were very seriously injured, from the pile of scrap metal.

The seriously injured passenger managed to get out and ask for help from the neighborhood. Rear passenger, Raphaël, under 18, died on the way to the hospital. “You were driving fast, too fast, and you were drunk,” the president says to the defendant, an 18-year-old who is appearing at the bar for murder and aggravated assault.

The facts mentioned by the municipality correspond exactly to the contours of this tragic evening. Football night before the Champions League on TV, where everyone is already drinking heavily, then “extra time” to Barony Seine-Port, where young people usually gather to talk and listen to music. A couple of trips to stock up on vodka “at Auchan or at my parents'”, then finally the decision to go on a trip “to look for a pregnant woman”.

Three of them pile into the car. The young driver has held a driving license for less than 6 months. During the discussion about the course of the tragic trip, Mr surviving passengers, who still carries the consequences of the accident on her neck: “We drove for a long time on small roads, then they called me what we were doing. We are back. He said he didn’t have his dose of speed. He drove like crazy. He took the dirt in the wrong direction and lost control.”

Its speed is estimated at 100 km/h instead of 50

Speed ​​estimated by investigators: 100 km/h at the entrance to the city, limited to 50. The driver does not remember “anything at all” at the wheel. The shock and his blood alcohol level of 1.78g per liter of blood may explain this amnesia. In her submissions, the plaintiff recalled the last nationwide toll of 2,944 road deaths.

He evokes the youth’s “pursuit of all power” who “feels growing wings behind the wheel” before asking for 5 years in prison, 2 of which are suspended against the defendant. The defense attorney, on the other hand, invokes the collective responsibility of the young man, who is globally to blame for what happened. They all agree to empty their vodka bottles, then fill up from right to left and finally get into their cars.

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In the end, the court sentenced the culprit of the accident and the death of his friend to 4 years of imprisonment, 3 of which were suspended, and also to the revocation of his driver’s license with a ban on reacquiring it for 3 years. Without forgetting the financial compensation of the victims.


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