Accused of violence against his ex-wife near L’Aigle, he is released on suspicion

Accused of violence against his ex-wife near L’Aigle, he is released on suspicion

Who is right in this case of ex-spouses? Even the court doesn’t know (©Illustration Adobe Stock)

On May 27, 2020, late in the afternoon at Beaufai, near L’Aigle (Orne)a woman calls the gendarmes for help, claiming that she is the victim of violence by her ex-husband, who is following her in a car to catch up with her.

After the gendarmes intervene, she explains that she came to his house to pick up things for their daughter because she was planning to stay in Portugal. When she entered41 year old man who is now living Dawn (Orne), sat in a chair. When he saw her, he immediately took his daughter in his arms and asked his ex-wife out. Any discussion was impossible. She claims to have received a punch in the face before grabbing her by the arms and knocking her to the ground. She takes her daughter back and drives off with her friend who was waiting for her in the car.

Manure in the face

He is unaware of the facts and breaks down in tears when talking about his situation with his ex-wife and not seeing his daughter enough. “I do everything to protect my daughter and I did everything to protect my ex-wife that day […] I was dealing with fury, I was just trying to calm her down.’

He says that when he entered his house, she threw manure in his face. When he saw his daughter, he took her in his arms to carry her away from this place away from this violence. While they were in the garden, she came from behind and continued to insult and beat him. He explains that he struck him in a gesture of defense, but confirms that he did not do it on purpose. He admits that he pinned her to the ground three seconds before he released her.

Five days of ITT for psychological stress

Lætitia Mirande, the public prosecutor, notes two versions that are against everyone. The defendant admits violence in response to the violence of his ex-wife, a medical certificate from his wife prescribes a five-day temporary incapacity, but only for mental stress. “Who is right and who is wrong in this case? The intellectual reason for public service pushing for a release request”.

Tribunal he finally announces his release given the doubts that persist in this file.

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