A solidarity trade is planned at Buc Resources

A solidarity trade is planned at Buc Resources

Among the projects on participatory ecological and solidarity budget of the regionfrom Buc Resources. It is a training center for social work with 80 student rooms, many of which are affected by precariousness.

“We did a survey. 700 students were asked. We got 139 responses, or 20%, which is not bad. 35% of students say they skip meals for financial reasons. 10% don’t eat because they’re hungry.”

Pauline JacquesBuc Resources Education Manager

So a project to create a free solidarity shop sprouted. It would be called La Solidaire and would be located in the current dining room.

The space is accessible to everyone, during the opening hours of the establishment. “We are establishing this project in joint construction with the student officeBuc Social Club”, explains Lucile Rivière, also head of education at the facility.

From left to Dr. Françoise Gaulier, Lucile Rivière and Pauline Jacques are at the site of the future solidarity shop Buc Resources. (©Manon Varaldo)

Identified needs

This solidarity trade would provide gifts and unsold. “Mainly food, so the students could eat it in the cafeteria. In the municipality there would also be cosmetics, hygiene products, especially highly demanded periodic protection, cleaning products and stationery. We started making contacts with local businessmen,” explains Lucile Rivière.

It would not be sold picked up on an electric bike.

“La Solidaire will be mainly for our students. But if it works well and grows, we are trying to expand it,” emphasizes Pauline Jacques, who also has in mind “establishing workshops for the production of cleaning products. It’s cheaper, it’s eco-friendly, and the students will make their own cleaners, less aggressive and more considerate to use. »

Buc Resources is hoping to get as many votes as possible to become the winner of the region’s eco-participatory budget to use the €10,000 estimated budget for the development of La Solidaire and the electric cargo bike. The fridge has already been found!

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Votes: https://budgetparticipatif.smartidf.services/project/le-budget-participatif-ecologique-4eme-edition/collect/depot-des-projets/proposals/la-boutique-solidaire-de-buc-ressources

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