A relatively quiet soulful holiday for tourist accommodation in Les Sables-d’Olonne

A relatively quiet soulful holiday for tourist accommodation in Les Sables-d’Olonne

Remblai apartment rentals and campsites seem to be doing well this Valentine’s Day. ©JDS

If last week departures on the All Saints holiday seemed to be at risk due to fuel shortages in several regions of France, the improvement on the strike front will ultimately have no impact at Les Sables-d’Olonne. “In general, any type of accommodation, hotels, camps, guesthouses, residences, does not exist no cancellations due to fuel shortages in France“, says one page of the Destination Les Sables-d’Olonne tourist office.

The camps are thriving

This is good news for travel professionals who experience very different booking rates depending on the type of accommodation offered.

By” the outdoor hotel sector is performing very welllease. Some campsites are almost full during the two weeks with customers who book come from the great west or the Paris area, “underlines the tourist office.

What Camp Bel-Air confirms: “We really have a lot of people. The campsite is almost full. We have an average booking rate of 90% per fortnight of holiday.” At the outdoor venue, very few last minute bookings “Our customers are mostly regulars who come back year after year. People have been waiting for All Saints’ Day since the school year started in September”. Booking for a week or several days.

Different situations and weather as referee

The situation with guesthouses and hotels is rather calm. with “few bookings for the moment”, notes the tourist office.

There really is no excitement at the Ibis Style and Ibis Budget hotels.

“At All Saints we are a last minute target. »

Julien Chancerel, director of Ibis Styles and Ibis Budget hotels

He also notes a dual effect: “There was a fuel shortage, which may have slowed bookings and weather that remains too indecisive in the coming days“. The result: occupancy rates for these holidays are slightly lower than for All Saints 2021.

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The tourist office Destination Les Sables-d’Olonne is optimistic : “Weather and improving fuel situation could encourage last minute bookings, especially for the All Saints weekend”.

For tourist residences, “it’s average in terms of bookings to date, but one of them is starting to change, as it has seen last-minute bookings valid from 20. Requests for short-term or weekly stays with more favorable booking rate for the weekend of All Saints“, reports OT.

Smaller and shorter rentals

Furnished rentals have mixed fortunes. Concierge service at Osa sees plenty of bookings ‘even when it’s not a crowd’. For her manager, Ludovic Demeyer, the petrol shortage was felt with shifts in arrival days and times, but “didn’t stop people from coming”. 40% of the accommodation rented for this holiday was rented for less than a week.

The trend seems to be last minute, as well as renting smaller accommodationpp. “We have demand mainly for waterfront apartments and very little demand for larger houses with gardens. So they are couples alone or with a child, but not large families”.

Armelle Chotard, Concierge Manager At Armelle notes “significantly fewer bookings compared to 2021, it is very calm » with «a short stay of three days, exceptionally six». While she relies on last-minute bookings, the properties she manages that are being rented out for this vacation have been around for a while.

In short, at the tourist office we analyze things as such:

“Customers are preferring to rent this All Hallows because of the autonomy, the ability to control their ‘food’ spending, the prices (promotions, bargains) and perhaps the health safety aspect with the resumption of Covid. »

And to add: At the office reception, we mainly have requirements for entertainmentfrom Les Sables residents who are about to welcome their grandchildren or children and grandchildren for the holidays”.

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