A new restaurant in Cherbourg: Kadélice promises to awaken your taste buds

A new restaurant in Cherbourg: Kadélice promises to awaken your taste buds

Kadiatou fulfilled her dream by opening her African specialty restaurant.

“Love brought me here!” » Kadiatou he has a smile as warm as the sun of his country of origin, Guinea Conakry. She arrived in 2009 Cherbourg (Manche)her husband’s city.

After some time working as a carer in the Martinvast retirement home, she decided to start realize your dreamto have their own restaurant.

Supported by family and friends

Experienced in the tourism and hospitality industry, Kadiatou is easy to contact and can see delighting customers with her West African specialties.

Banks don’t follow… Never mind! Kadiatou is well surrounded. So much so that the list of thanks she wishes to give would be too long to unfold here: her husband, her mother-in-law, her sister Folly, her friends Alexandra, Rabi, Monique, Baada, Alban, her counselor at CCI, her landlord… In short, Kadiatou is extremely grateful for all the help she has received!

Start by pulling out

With the support of this whole motivated team, Kadiatou therefore found this space in the rue du Val-de-Saire and renovated it in a few weeks to turn it into a takeaway restaurant.

For now… Because if possible, later I would like to develop and put some tables.

Kadiatou Raphael alias Raulnet

On the menu Incense burner, the sunny flavors of West Africa with sweet exotic names: attieké, maffé tiga, sakasaka, thieps… Kadiatou works with fresh local products that he buys from a nearby butcher. The perfumes that fill her beautiful shop make our mouths water… She promises that Kadiatou will “wake up your taste buds”.

Kadélice, 60, rue du Val de Saire, 50100 Cherbourg-en-Cotentin. Such. 07 87 02 98 37

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