A month without tobacco: the Eure Entraid’addict association helps with quitting

A month without tobacco: the Eure Entraid’addict association helps with quitting

Bernard Duez, president of the Entraid’addict association, was on an information mission at the Pont-Audemer market on Monday, October 17. ©MC.D

As a part a month without tobacco scheduled every year in NovemberEntraid’s association of addicts developed a project in the west of the Eure department for its members and people who consume addictive substances associated with tobacco consumption. It offers them support in the weaning process.

Studies show that nicotine increases alcohol consumption in humans. The two related products activate several areas of the brain that make up the reward circuit and increase the sense of joy and euphoria. Nicotine also has a stimulating effect on alcohol users who are forced to smoke to find a sense of dynamism and counteract the drowsiness caused by alcohol. These two substances feed off each other and form a vicious and dangerous circle.

Public meeting

A public hearing is scheduled for Friday, October 28 in the ballroom Brionne (Eure) which will aim to inform and raise awareness of the benefits of undertaking the smoking cessation process. He will co-organize this meeting Bernard Duezpresident of Entraid’addict, as well as professionals from CSAPA (center for care, support and prevention of addictions) in Pont-Audemer and Bernay who will discuss nicotine replacement and share their knowledge of epidemiology (balance of benefits and risks). Thanks to the co-tester, it will be possible to test your breath.

We will answer each other’s questions and hope to convince addicts to make an appointment with a CSAPA professional closest to their home.

Bernard Duez

In addition, to ensure continuity of care, the association suggests that people starting the weaning process join the association’s support groups. “Follow-up support is the same as for alcohol and other drugs. Sharing, solidarity and mutual help are at the heart of our meetings,” explains Bernard Duez. And he adds: “Entry is free and care is free: all ingredients that can motivate even the most resistant to embark on this process. »

As part of the month without tobacco, an information meeting on Friday 28 October from 17:30 to 20:00 at the municipal office in Brionne. The next meeting of the Entraid’addict association at the Salle d’Armes on Friday, November 18 at 5:30 pm in Pont-Audemer. Contact: Bernard Duez 06 83 04 19 61.

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