A miniseries about the Notre-Dame de Paris fire will soon be broadcast on Netflix

A miniseries about the Notre-Dame de Paris fire will soon be broadcast on Netflix

In October 2022, a six-part miniseries about the Notre-Dame de Paris fire will be broadcast on Netflix. (©Netflix)

Notre-Dame de Paris fire inspires directors. AND miniseries watching the events of this fiery night on April 15, 2019 will be released on Netflix, the streaming platform announced on Monday, September 20, 2022. The first trailer offers a taste of the planned six episodes. They will tell the story of the struggle of Paris firefighters and “the impact of this fire on various characters in France,” Netflix explains in a press release. The miniseries will air from October 19, 2022.

Miniseries after the movie

If the series was not created for documentary purposes, the director Herve Admar was inspired by the book Night of Notre Dame, written by BSPP, which provides an hour-by-hour account of the unfolding of this historic night. “We want to go inside the cathedral, we want to see flames, action, smoke, people in danger,” he explained in a press release.

A firefighter alone in the middle of a burning frame, an aerial shot flying through a cloud of smoke… The first images show an impressive dive into the heart of the fire. Many shots were shot in the studio: part of the nave and transept, as well as the bell tower, were built to match the monument.

See you on October 19 to discover this new version in the images of fire, a theme that seems to inspire filmmakers. In March 2022, it was the feature film “Notre-Dame is on fire” by Jean-Jacques Annaud that was released in dark rooms.

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